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Dark Roast Coffee Lovers Variety Sampler Box

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The Nomad Coffee Club Dark Roast Coffee Sampler

Includes a handpicked selection of 2 dark roast gourmet coffees. Experience the finest artisan dark roast single origin coffees and artfully-crafted dark roast blends. Every box includes two nearly a pound of freshly-roasted whole bean dark roast coffee, tasting notes, roaster profiles, brewing tips, and an artisan treat.

Every coffee we ship is freshly roasted. This means your cup is always filled with rich, delicious flavor. Many of our customers can’t believe how great freshly-roasted coffee tastes. We’ll bring a gourmet coffee experience to the comfort of your kitchen.

Coffee Gifts

A coffee variety box is the perfect gift for coffee lovers.

Dark Roast Coffees Included

Olde Town Blend

Specialty coffees from around the world that are blended together to bring you a bold, classic taste. Roasted dark like any vintage cup and perfect for any brewing method.

  • Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Bold
  • Roast Profile: Dark
Coffee Pouring Blue Cups
Dark Roast Coffee

Brazil Fazenda Sertao

  • Continent: South America
  • Country: Brazil
  • Region: Carmo de Minas
  • Varietal: Various
  • Farm: Fazenda Sertao
  • Process: Pulped
  • Natural Altitude: 1100 -1450 Meters
  • Grade: 16/18
  • Harvest: Current
  • Certification: Direct Trade
  • Cupping: Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Spices
  • Roast Level: Medium - Dark

The history of Fazenda Sertão merges itself with the first steps of coffee growing in Carmo de Minas.

From the first generation of coffee growers in the region, José Isidro Pereira learned very soon in his life that living is all about being responsible and joyful at the same time.

José Isidro lost his father when he was only 1 year old and was raised by his loving and dedicated mother, who made him an honorable man.

José Isidro grew up, then, and studied dentistry – occupation that he practiced for a couple of years during his early manhood. The destinies called him back to Carmo de Minas when his mother died and he was the only heir of a piece of land that, of course, is actually Fazenda Sertão.