What is Nomad Coffee Club?

Like all great ideas, this name came to our founder (Daniel) while he was in the shower. The word “nomad” actually means a wanderer. It seemed kind of fitting since this was to be a service that curates, roasts and delivers specialty coffee from all over the world and delivers to wherever you are! Since that wonderful shower, we’ve grown to be a service that also offers brewing gear and some office coffee too, but we still cherish our origins. :)

When does the coffee get roasted and shipped?

Every coffee is roasted to order, which makes it super fresh. Within a week of your order we will roast and ship it to you using expedited mail.

How many cups will I be able to brew?

It is very dependent on your brewing style, but you can get up to 15-20 cups for our 8oz bags.

How does gifting work?

Unlike the Plans, which automatically renew monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually, gifts don’t renew. So if, for example, you get a 3 month prepaid gift order, your gift package will be delivered to your giftee for a total of 3 times and that’s it.

You can buy all gifts by going to the gifts tab and selecting the one you want.

Where do you ship to?

We ship mainly to Canada and US but we offer shipping Worldwide too.

When do you get charged for each month?

The same day you signed up.

What is your refund and returns policy?

Our returns policy lasts 30 days from the shipping date.

Please look at our Terms of Service page and scroll to the Return Policy for more information.

How do I cancel my plan?

Log in into your account and in your subscriptions section, you will have a chance to cancel your subscription. :(