About us

Nomad Coffee Club Founder Daniel

Hi there,

My name is Daniel and I'm the founder of Nomad Coffee Club! Thanks for stopping by, it's very nice....well, to e-meet you! :)

So here is the story about Nomad... 



I was fresh out of school and in the corporate world, so life was pretty good. The only complaint that I had was the horrible office coffee that I had to drink every day.

Being of an East African (aka the birthplace of coffee) origin, I knew this just wasn't the way coffee was meant to be. I mean it had to be freshly roasted, ground, brewed and convenient.....*light bulb*

That was it. That day, I decided to start Nomad and what you see is the result.

That was in 2014. Now the team has grown and the coffee has gotten better and better.



Nomad focuses on specialty coffee and here is why:

  • Freshly roasted and date stamped
  • Higher quality control
  • Small batch roasting
  • Transparent sourcing
  • No burnt beans and
  • Delicious :)

We take great care in our coffee and test it at every single step of the way for both consistency and taste.

Our goal is to make every cup the best cup you've ever had! :)



Just say hi@nomadcoffeeclub.com

You can also Tweet us, Instagram DM us or Facebook message us. Basically, whatever works for you. 

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