About us

Coffee. It’s communal. It’s cheerful. It’s comforting. It’s energizing. It’s ritual.

My love affair with coffee began in college. Back then it was a means to wake up and to face the day.

Today it means so much more.

Nomad Coffee Club was founded after visiting Africa for the first time. I came back to the United States with an intense desire to help. To help provide education to the children and to help provide clean drinking water to the women that were walking up to 8 miles a day to source fresh water for their families.

Our mission to help these individuals became a blend of commitment and community that our customers also participate in. That’s why, for every bag of coffee we ship we are donating a portion of each sale to build the Nomad school in Kenya. Little purchases, when added up, pull many people together and make life-changing impacts every day of the week.

We want to sell coffee. But more importantly, we want to help those who are less fortunate.

Our logo

We believe coffee is inherently a social beverage. It gathers together strangers and friends alike because it warms our bodies and energizes our minds.

Our logo design is inspired by the Ethiopian Jebena - a container used to brew coffee in the Eritrean traditional coffee ceremony. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee which is an integral part of their social and cultural life.

An invitation to attend an Ethiopian coffee ceremony is considered a mark of friendship or respect and is almost obligatory in the presence of a visitor. In a world where time has long become a commodity, the Ethiopian coffee ceremony takes us back to a time when value was given to conversation and human relations.

Our coffee

At Nomad Coffee Club, not only is it paramount that we provide our customers with the highest quality products, but it’s equally important that the ingredients for these products come from growers who pay fair wages and treat workers respectfully.

We use 100% organic coffee, purchased under fair trade prices with better working conditions for our farmers.

By purchasing Fair Trade coffee, it ensures our farmers aren’t victims of forced labor or poor working conditions, and in return receive fair prices. It also ensures better benefits for the farmers, which means they can focus solely on producing great coffee.

100% Organic means it is just coffee – no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation.

Simply put, it’s just great tasting coffee.

Here’s what you can expect by becoming a Nomad Coffee Club subscriber:

  • Large selection of beans from around the world
  • Ethically sourced coffee
  • Freshly roasted and date stamped
  • Continued quality control



 Contact us: info@nomadcoffeeclub.com