Espresso Your Love with these 9 Valentine's Day Coffee Gifts

Valentine's Day Coffee Gifts

Aside from water, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. It only makes sense that you are going to have at least one, if not numerous, coffee lovers on your gift list. Wondering what to get them this year, and want to break away from some of the standard, expected gift ideas?

We have done the work for you by compiling a list of some of our favorite coffee brewing accessories. We are sure there is something in this Valentine’s day gift guide for every style of coffee drinker on your list.

1. The Moka Pot

Do you know someone who loves rich, espresso inspired coffee? Now, does this person also enjoy sharing the wonder of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with others? If so, we have found the perfect gift.

This Moka Pot from Bialetti is both aesthetically pleasing, functional and guaranteed not to be re-gifted.

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2. Vacuum Coffee Saver

While we always encourage grinding fresh, we know that sometimes it just makes sense to have some fresh coffee beans ground and ready to go. If you truly care about the coffee lover on your list, then there is no way you would want them to suffer through a cup of stale coffee. This vacuum coffee canister can save them from the experience.

Perfect for the person who likes to be prepared, or likes to bring their own freshly ground coffee with them to the office.

3. Milk Frother


Do you know someone who loves creamy, frothy barista level coffee drinks at home, but doesn’t want to be bothered with a fussy coffee station that takes up their entire counter? This milk frother could win you an award for best gift of the year.

This appliance not only froths milk, and keeps it warm at the desired temperature, it also has a programmable feature that lets you choose the density of your foam. Frothing has never been easier.

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4. The Ultimate French Press

The French press method of brewing coffee is a timeless classic that is appreciated by coffee aficionados everywhere. The beauty of the French press is in its simplicity, much like the design of this modern version.

This Bodum Thermal French press is double walled and crafted and has a classy stainless steel finish. The insulated feature solves the temperature control issues that come with lingering over your brew. The clean design and stylish finish easily match most any kitchen décor.

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5. Siphon Coffee Brewer


 We all have that hard to buy for person on our list that seems to already have everything. This year, plan on surprising that person with a gift that will empress and be appreciated for years to come.

This home siphon coffee brewer is beautiful and elegant, more importantly, it produces a cup of coffee that is so clean and smooth it may spoil your coffee drinker for all other brews. The siphon brew is an experience that they will love.

6. Chemex Caddy

Pour overs are hot in the coffee experience right now. If you need a gift for the pour over fan, why not start by making their life a little easier and simpler?

We love this caddy designed for the Chemex. It fits all sizes of Chemex brewers, up to 10 cups. A drip tray and spot for the filters means everything they need can be kept in one tidy, spot.

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7. Unbreakable Tamper

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best gifts. Especially when they are of exceptional quality. This stainless steel tamper is a perfect example.

Weighing in at over a pound, this tamper has a classic design, smooth finish and is unbreakable. This is a must have tool for the espresso fan in your life, and one that is sure to be appreciated for years to come.

8. Filter Holder

Is there anything more frustrating for a coffee drinker than to rummage through a cupboard or drawer, hoping to find the right filter for this morning’s coffee? Make mornings a little easier for someone on your gift list with this coffee filter caddy.

This caddy hold various sizes of filters, fits easily on the countertop or in a cupboard. Plus, it nicely matches the wooden accents found on the Chemex and other pour over brewers.

9. Coffee Subscription

We love each thing on this list, but Nomad Coffee Subscriptions are our favorite gift to give this year. From a single month to coffee all year long, we have the plan that will fit your gift giving needs.

Come check out our gift subscription plans and shop for even more coffee gift ideas:


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