The Quick Guide to Brewing an Amazing Cup of Coffee

Would you like a cup of coffee?

Once upon a time, this was a question that was asked in almost every household when visitors came, or dinner was finished.

The coffee was almost always from a drip pot, or maybe even an instant brew. A cup of coffee, simply put, was a cup of coffee.

Then, we started to develop more of a passion for coffee. We realized that there were so many ways to experiment with it, and suddenly a cup of coffee became an art form. From French presses to pour overs, there’s so many ways to brew an incredible cup of coffee.

Most of us have our favorite but are still interested in what other brew methods and grinds can contribute to the coffee experience. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your coffee repertoire or are just interested in the fundamentals of brewing some great coffee, this short brew guide will be of help. Read on to find out a little more about some of our favorite methods of brewing great coffee.

French Press

The French press was invented in the late 1920s, and with it’s streamlined brewing process and smooth, classic taste, it’s a brewing method that’s stood the test of time. The basic construction of the French press includes a carafe and a plunger like straining/steeping device.

  • One very important step of brewing with a French press that often gets overlooked is warming the carafe with hot water before you even start brewing. This one step elevates the temperature of the carafe, which helps keep the coffee warm and provide for optimal extraction.
  • For the French press, you’ll want a medium coarse grind that should come close to resembling coarse breadcrumbs. The grind is especially important. If your beans are ground too finely, the coffee will become muddy, while a grind that’s too coarse will not extract properly and affect the flavor of the final cup.
  • Place the ground coffee in the carafe and then fill it about half way with hot (200°-205°F) water. Start a timer and let it sit for 1 minute. After a minute, stir the coffee.
  • Next, fill the carafe completely with water, cover and let sit for 3 more minutes. At this time, your coffee is ready to serve. Just push the press all the way down.
  • If you’re not consuming the entire carafe of coffee, it’s wise to transfer it into another carafe. If you skip this step, the coffee grounds in the bottom of the French press will continue to brew and become over extracted which will lead to a very bitter tasting cup of coffee.

For the best cup of French press brew, try a darker roasted coffee with richer but smoother flavors.


Chemex/Pour Over

The Chemex, the iconic pour over device, was designed in 1949. For home use, the Chemex is one of the most attractive brewers on the market. It’s a classic design that’s simple, elegant and fits into practically any décor. Oh, did we mention that the brew it produces is as classic, full bodied and balanced as the design?

  • To prepare a Chemex, you should first place the filter into the device and pour hot water over the filter to thoroughly rinse it. Dampening the filter will also produce a stronger seal when brewing. When rinsing, use enough hot water to fill the bottom of the Chemex to properly warm it. Carefully pour the hot water from the brewer.
  • Start with medium coarse ground coffee. A consistency in the range of coarse bread crumbs to sea salt is perfect. About 6 tablespoons of ground coffee is good for an 8 cup Chemex.
  • Start your timer as you begin to pour hot water over the grounds. You want to add enough water that the grounds become completely saturated and then stir the grounds to break up any clumps.
  • At about the 45-second mark, you’ll want to add more water. This time, pour the water in a side to side motion, and then a swirl, taking care to pour water over the dark areas while avoiding the lighter ones. Continue to fill with water until it reaches about a half inch from the top.
  • Watch the timer, and at 1:45, fill with more hot water until it reaches the top. Now, you just sit back and wait for the magic to happen.
  • By the time your timer reaches 4 minutes, your brew should be complete, or really close. Carefully lift the filter, allowing any residual water to flush through the grounds. You’re perfect Chemex pour over is ready to enjoy.

For a beautifully balanced cup of coffee with your Chemex brewer, choose a bean with balanced floral notes and light acidity.


The Aeropress is hot on the coffee scene lately because it produces an amazing cup of coffee, and it’s also incredible versatile. From your kitchen counter to your desk or campsite, the Aeropress brews a balanced, full bodied cup of coffee every time.

To brew with the Aeropress, you’ll want to start with the perfect grind on your bean. Aim for a medium grind that’s close to the consistency of table salt.

Once the coffee is ground, it’s time to prepare the Aeropress.

  • Start by placing the filter in the basket. Next, rinse the filter and preheat the brewer with hot water. This step prevents your coffee from absorbing a paper like flavor from the filter.
  • Attach the basket to the bottom of the brew chamber and place it on top of your mug, and then add the coffee.
  • Next, start the timer and pour hot water into the Aeropress. You’ll want to saturate all the grounds within a short time frame of about 10 seconds. Fill to the number 4, carefully spinning or tilting the chamber to make sure all the coffee is saturate.
  • Once the chamber is full, give the coffee a quick stir to break up any clumps and ensure even saturation. Place the plunger into the chamber and then lift it up a little to create a vacuum seal. Now, let the coffee brew until the timer reaches 1:15.
  • Remove the plunger and stir the coffee once again. Once stirred, place the plunger back into the chamber, and this time continue pressing it until you hear a soft hiss-like sound.
  • Remove the Aeropress and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.

Want to know another great thing about the Aeropress? It works well just about any type of origin or roast, so feel free to experiment and find your personal favorite.

Hario V60

The Hario V60 is a great brewing device for those that are looking to elevate their pour over method and create a more artisanal cup of coffee. The Hario pour over is also versatile, and can be transported easily, so it’s great for people who travel often for business or don’t like a lot of clutter on their kitchen counters.

  • Start by placing a filter in the Hario dripper, with an attached carafe. Pour hot water over the filter, saturating it, to create a tighter seal for brewing and to wash away some of the paper filter taste. Use enough water to thoroughly warm the carafe.
  • Place approximately 3 tablespoons of medium-to-medium coarse ground coffee into the filter.
  • Add just enough hot water to cover and fully saturate the grounds, and then let it sit for approximately 15 seconds while the grounds bloom.
  • At this point, you can begin slowly pouring water into the brewer in a spiral pattern, taking care to avoid the light-colored areas whenever possible. As the water passes through the grounds, you should be adding new water about every 10-15 seconds.

By the time you hit the 3-minute mark on the clock, you should have a beautifully brewed cup of coffee. The Hario V60 is the perfect brewer for experimenting with your brew methods and bean preferences. You might want to start with a bean that’s a little fruity and bright in flavor.


The Perfect Coffee, Every Time

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