Best Coffee Mug Gifts

There's nothing more satisfying than whipping out your favorite coffee mug to pour in your morning juice.

Whether it's a big mug or a dainty one, coffee mugs are an important part of a coffee drinker's experience.

The wrong cup will likely hinder your enjoyment of the coffee, so it has to be a good one.

If you've been looking for coffee mug gifts for a birthday or festive occasion, then we have you covered.

They also make a suitable gift for most people especially those who love drinking hot coffee or tea.

With that being said, here are some great best coffee mugs that we've personally tested and are sure to fit every type of coffee lover.

1. Personalized Family Mugs

Price - $32.00

Personalized Coffee Mugs

These personalized family mugs are perfect when you're on a budget and need to buy something for every family member.

Uncommon Goods do these individually personalized mugs that can look somewhat like your own family. 

If you're a household of hot beverage drinkers, then these are the perfect option for the whole family.

From the cartoon drawing to the name emblazoned along the bottom, it's a go-to personalized mug that will ensure no one picks up the wrong cup again!

2. The Ember Warming Coffee Mug

Price - $129.95

Have a coffee lover who is also a tech junky on your gift list?

The Ember Warming Coffee Mug, uses smart technology to keep your drink at whatever temperature you prefer, whether that's piping hot or room temperature.

Even though it's limited in its versatility (it can't go in the dishwasher and often needs a firmware update), if anything screams modern-day technology, it's this coffee mug.

3. AutoSeal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Price: $21.00

AutoSeal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

For coffee lovers that are looking for a bargain on Amazon, then look no further.

This AutoSeal Stainless Travel Mug is perfect for those who are running about all over the place during their working day.

There's nothing worse than spilling coffee over yourself or on the floor of your office as you head towards your next meeting.

This travel mug can help keep your drinks hot for up to seven hours. For those who prefer iced coffee, it can keep it cold for up to 18 hours.

If the gift recipient on your list is a slow-sipper, give them the perfect mug that will maintain the same temperature throughout the day.

4. Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall 450 Mug

Price: $39.90 - $54.77

Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall 450 Mug

Some say there is no such thing as a durable mug. Well, actually, there is - for a price.

Every good cup of coffee is one that should be served in a good-looking mug but one that's also fairly durable for the regular usage it gets.

So if you're someone who wants a stylish mug but with a lifetime of durability, then this Snow Peak Double Wall 450 Mug is a Titanium dream.

It's the perfect gift for those who like to get outdoors and need something that is going to withstand the battering of a hike or walk across your favorite landmarks or countryside spots.

As it's made from titanium, it's fairly indestructible, meaning you're making a worthwhile investment in something that's built to last.

5. Hasami Porcelain Mug

Price: $30.00

Hasami Porcelain Mug

For the coffee lover on your gift list, you simply can't go wrong with a Hasami Porcelain Mug.

These mugs are from a Japanese ceramic company called Hasami. They've been making porcelain items for more than 400 years and are experts at their craft.

It's a collection of matte-finished mugs that come in a range of different sizes and colors, yet still, look similar to one another for the purpose of aesthetics.

One of the major benefits of these coffee mugs is that they're easily stackable, making storing them a lot easier than most mugs on the market.

They're also dishwasher and microwave safe.

6. Zojirushi SM-SC48 Stainless Steel Mug

Price: $26.00 - $28.49

Zojirushi SM-SC48 Stainless Steel Mug

Another classic for those who need a mug that's easily transportable is this Zojirushi SM-SC48 Stainless Steel Coffee Mug.

The secure lid-locking mechanism means you won't spill a single drop of your brew, regardless of how careful or haphazardly you hold it.

It also comes in several different colors to suit everyone's color preference and, with its stainless steel exterior it makes for a durable gift option.

7. Twee Espresso Cup

Price: $16.00

Twee Espresso Cup

For those that like a little more concentrated does of caffeine in the morning, the Twee Espresso Cup is an espresso lover's dream cup.

Available in an assortment of colors, the cup can hold around 3 ounces of liquid - standard for any single-serve espresso machine.

For anyone that regularly consumes espresso at home, it's a worthwhile option that will provide the perfect drinking vessel for that shot or two of caffeine when you need (or want) it.

8. The Rice Husk bioGo Cup

Price: $19.46

bioGo reusable coffee cups

The bioGo cups are praised for their sustainability while still providing the durability of other travel mugs thanks to its rice husk fibre bioplastic. 

The result is an extremely lightweight cup that is easy to carry but can also better heat and cold retention, so it will keep your gift recipient's beverage hotter (or colder) for a longer period of time compared to a regular plastic container.

Drink it with the lid, or without, and it is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

If you have a composter on your gift list that also makes good use of their coffee maker's coffee grounds, this is the mug for them!

9. S'well Teakwood Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Price: $28.00 - $35.00

S'well Teakwood Stainless Steel Travel Mug

The S'well Teakwood Stainless Steel Travel Mug is a well-loved option due to its fashionable design and its ability to add ice cubes easily and without much mess - cold brew anyone?

It's a great gift option for those who want a rustic feel to their travel mug but don't want to compromise on its functionality and durability.

At $35.00 is one that's a little more pricey but it's a definite must-have if you're current travel mug has seen better days.

Alternatively, it can be great for any coffee connoisseur on your gift list that is in dire need of a new travel mug.

10. Stojo On The Go Collapsible Coffee Cup

Price: $15.96

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

Sometimes, space in your bag may be limited and while you may want to enjoy a brew on your travels, you may not have enough room in your bag to pack your favorite stainless steel transport mug.

Instead, something like this collapsible coffee cup from Stojo might offer the versatility you need when it comes to your daily coffee fix.

This cup available from Amazon can fold down to nearly nothing so that it is easy to transfer into any bag, even for some handbags that are limited in their dimensions!

It also comes with a heat sleeve for extra protection for your bare hands.

11. Game Over Funny Mug

Price: $19.99

Puckator Game Controller Coffee Mug

For anyone who loves something a little more fun and youthful, this Game Over Mug combines the love of caffeine with gaming.

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and once you reach the bottom, you'll reveal the text 'Game Over' which tells you it's time to refill!

So whether it's an adult who loves gaming or it's a kid who'll appreciate a gift like this, it's worth picking up this funny coffee mug for just under $10.

12. Le Creuset Stoneware Mug

Price: $23.95

Le Creuset Coffee Mug

There are few mugs out there that have created for themselves, a reputation that proceeds them. Le Creuset is the creme de la creme of kitchenware - without the price tag typically associated with such a claim.

The Le Creuset stoneware mug is one that provides an enameled surface and is perfect for any coffee drinker. Their iconic gradient colors are an aesthetic dream when multiple are displayed in a kitchen cabinets or in-home coffee bar.

They really are the very best when it comes to coffee mugs, so if you're after a reputable brand, then these stoneware mugs are a must-have and make the perfect gift.

13. Cute Bear Coffee Cup

Price: $8.58

Cute Bear Coffee Cup

Cute mugs are always a great gift to give to loved ones and these adorable bear-faced coffee cups are a must-have.

It can be a great way to brighten up anyone's morning and for under $15, it's a great option.

They come in different colors and are a good choice for kids too if you're looking for juice cups or an option for hot cocoa.

14. KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup

Price: $30.78

KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

A reusable mug gift is all the rage at the moment, especially with more people being environmentally conscious about the impact that we leave individually.

Whilst coffee from a cafe like Starbucks might be a good idea, every cup used is contributing to wastage.

The KeepCup is one that is a popular option when it comes to reusable cups. It's made of glass, meaning you don't get any of the plastic smell that is often associated with other reusable coffee cups.

As it is a glass mug, it is easy to clean and has an eco-friendly cork ring around the cup to make it easy to hold.

Having hot beverages can sometimes make it painful to hold reusable cups if they're not insulated properly.

You won't need to worry about a burning hand with this environmentally friendly drinkware.

15. Fellow Carter Move Mug, 8 oz

Price: $22.00 - $28.00

Fellow Carter Move Mug

If you're a bit clumsy when it comes to your coffee, then the Fellow Carter Move Mug is the perfect option as a travel mug.

It's a perfect amount of coffee too, holding 8 oz of hot or cold brew coffee ensuring you get the perfect dose of caffeine every time.

The ceramic interior means you also don't get any of that metallic taste that can sometimes occur when you're drinking coffee out of a cheaper travel mug.

16. Royal Worcester Mugs

Price: $16.99

Royal Worcester Mugs

With bone china, Royal Worcester vessels are one of the most durable ceramic mugs. And, that's a good thing when it comes to a hot drink whether it be for coffee beans or tea leaves.

It's dishwasher safe and can be used for everyday use hot or cold brew and for special occasions.

They often have really beautiful designs that can contribute to a wonderful collection of mugs.

Bottom Line on the Best Coffee Mug Gifts

Whether it's a travel mug, a reusable ceramic coffee mug, or a large mug, picking one of these options is a great gift choice for your own morning coffee or for someone you know.

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