The Best Travel Coffee Mug: A Detailed Review

Person holding white and black coffee mug

Whether you're traveling for work or wanderlust, you need a reliable coffee mug as your trusted companion.

We value the sacred morning caffeine ritual, so we've compiled a list of portable mugs you’ll appreciate for their functionality and style.

Whether you're on the hunt for a reusable mug that's perfect for a standard cup holder or an accessory with a unique flair — we’ve got you covered.

These sturdy, sleek, and safe coffee cup options are made from high-quality materials to ensure their practicality. What’s more, these travel mugs are kind to the environment and your wallet.

Best Travel Mugs for a Coffee Drinker

6. Ello Campy Stainless Steel Mug

Ello Campy Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel
Source: Amazon | Ello Campy Stainless Steel

Making number 6 on our list is this rustic, vintage-inspired travel mug. Its classic enamel style makes it appropriate for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

This 16-ounce travel mug has a comfortable cork-lined handle and excellent temperature regulation.

Your drink will stay hot for five hours or cold for ten thanks to its vacuum insulation.

The only hassle comes when it's cleaning time. The lid can be bothersome because the slider tab doesn’t come off and dried coffee stains are challenging to get to.

This mug is loved for its affordability. The leakproof and classy design makes it well worth every penny. You can buy it on Amazon.

Pros Cons
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Material is BPA-free
  • Comfortable handle
  • Size (won’t fit in car cup holders)
  • The paint can scratch easily
  • Not dishwasher safe


5. Bubba Envy Insulated Travel Mug with Straw

Bubba Envy Tumbler with Straw
Source: Amazon | Bubba Envy Tumbler with Straw

Iced coffee lovers, stop here!

This model has a straw for easy access and can keep your beverage cold for up to 12 hours.

The travel tumbler is made from a vacuum insulated double wall and holds up to 24 ounces of liquid. It features two layers with air sucked out of the space between. This allows the tumbler to regulate the temperature of your drink effectively.

This tumbler is made of stainless steel that repels odors and stains — meaning your milkshake won’t taste like yesterday's mocha. It’s portable and spill-proof.

Better yet, its design can fit into most cup holders, and, if you want, you can use the removable straw with the Tritan lid.

Why not go for this sleek insulated mug with a lifetime guarantee?

With this 24-ounce travel tumbler, you can accommodate all kinds of drinks at a very affordable price on Amazon.

Pros Cons
  • Lid fits tightly onto the mug
  • Can fit in car cup holders
  • No sweating
  • Hand wash only
  • Top of the lid doesn't seal

4. Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug
Source: Amazon | Hydro Flask

When it comes to water bottles, the Hydro Flask is pretty famous. Luckily for us, the brand also makes coffee flasks.

If you love the functionality of classic flasks but are in the market for something fun, this one's for you.

Its stainless steel and vacuum insulated body will keep your hot coffee hot (or cold) for hours. Compared to other stainless steel mugs, this hydro flask is lightweight and leak-proof.

You can choose from many available colors, including olive, sunflower, pacific, and watermelon.

It’s a little overpriced, but the high functionality makes up for the cost. It will keep your iced water chilled for 24 hours, and coffee hot for up to six hours. Check it out today on Amazon.

Pros Cons
  • Handle makes it comfortable and easy to carry
  • Vacuum insulation keeps drinks at the right temperature
  • Quite expensive

3. S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

S'well Stainless Steel Traveler
Source: Amazon | S'well Stainless Steel Traveler

Are you looking for a trendy mug? This one even passes for a sporty appeal!

The whole design is made to fit easily in your hand when you’re on the go. It’s a favorite in the market thanks to S’well’s triple-walled, high-end technology.

Its impressive temperature retention keeps your drink hot for 11 hours and cool for 26. There’s no sweating on the outside of the flask, so your hands remain dry.

The mug is made of BPA-free, non-toxic stainless steel that makes it durable and nearly indestructible.

The thick rim and ergonomic grip accentuate its compact size. It’s available in 17 color options and three different sizes:

  • 12 ounces
  • 16 ounces
  • 20 ounces

The price of S’well mugs often varies on Amazon depending on size.

Pros Cons
  • Variety in size and color
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Price varies per size (can be costly)

2. Ember Travel Mug 2

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug
Source: Amazon | Ember Travel Mug 2

Like the other list entries, this mug has the ability to keep your morning coffee hot for a long time. Its true specialty lies in how it accomplishes this.

Smart technology gives it an extra edge and style. It’s the second iteration of the Ember Travel Mug and is lighter and more streamlined than the first.

This is due to the touch-sensitive control panel you can use to control the mug’s temperature and even connect it to the Ember app on your smartphone.

You can set the temperature on the app, which will notify you when the temperature has been reached — no more burning your tongue on the first sip of hot coffee.

One of the best features is the lid. It’s leak-proof, opens with a simple push, and the design lets you drink from any side of the mug.

Overall, its ergonomic design is comfortable to hold, has a firm grip, and is coated with a matte finish.

However, all this technology comes at a cost, which is the major downside to this gorgeous mug. But if you’re after incomparable quality, this is the one for you. It’s available on Amazon.

Pros Cons
  • 360-degree leak-proof lid
  • Touchscreen display
  • Only available in a 12-ounce capacity
  • Extremely expensive

1. Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug

Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug
Source: Amazon | Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug

Coming in at number one is this elegant and classic travel mug.

This vacuum insulated stainless steel mug is available in five different colors and will keep your drink cold for up to nine hours and hot for up to five. Its incredible ability to keep your beverage hot or cold is thanks to its double-wall construction.

For most travel mugs, handles are rarely a necessity to keep your hands from burning or freezing. But if you prefer practicality and are a fan of handled mugs, this Thermos model is right for you.

The lid has a seal known as “DrinkLock” which opens up when you press the lever to the right or left.

The lid has a clever design with a gasket around the rim of the lid to seal it. Below that, there's an extra disk that moves up and down when you open or close the lid.

This gives the mug a tight seal so that none of your precious drink (or heat) passes through. This means no spills, and your coffee stays hot much longer!

You can also recommend this mug to any tea lover as it has a built-in tea hook that works with most tea infusers and can easily be removed from the mug.

This high-quality mug is affordable on Amazon and a great addition to your collection. It comes with a five-year warranty in case of any issues.

Pros Cons
  • Amazing heat retention
  • Spill-proof
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Won’t fit in all cup holders
  • The lid is hard to clean

What to Look for in a Travel Mug

For every coffee lover, the perfect mug is leak-proof and can keep your beverage at the right temperature (hot or cold), despite how long ago it was made.

Let’s take an in-depth look at a few more factors to consider:

Travel Coffee Mug Size

On average, travel mugs come in a capacity of 16 ounces. Some are the size of your regular coffee mugs at home, while others are large enough to keep you energized the whole day.

Brands often manufacture their mugs in different sizes. You can find one you like in a size that's right for you. If you want a big mug, check to see if it's able to retain heat well or microwave safe.

Check the box it comes in, the instructions, or the tag that comes attached to the mug for care details on microwave compatibility.

If you no longer have any of the packaging information, a quick search on the manufacturer's website should do the trick.

This ensures you don’t let any of your favorite coffee drinks go to waste or cool faster than you can drink them down.

Travel Coffee Mug Material

There are numerous options to choose from when selecting a mug. Possibilities include:

  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Silicone
  • Bamboo

The choice you make will affect your mug’s aesthetic, cost, durability, and condensation that forms on the outside.

You need to consider what factors matter to you the most. If durability is most important to you, sticking to a stainless steel coffee mug is the best option. If you want something budget-friendly, plastic will do.

Plastic can also go in the microwave. This is a great advantage as you can reheat your drinks.

It’s Time for Coffee

Now that you know all about travel mugs, it's time to indulge.

The act of drinking coffee is communal and equally important to the beverage itself.

It’s a journey of finding the right beans, overseeing the roasting process to perfection, and brewing them to bring out their unique flavors.

Around the world, coffee drinking is morphing into a universal tradition that brings people together.

We aim to make it even better by providing education to children in Kenya through the donation of a portion of each coffee sale.

At Nomad Coffee Club, we improve the lives of those less fortunate than us by sharing the love of coffee that exists globally. Be part of the movement by establishing a coffee subscription plan with us today.


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