The Ultimate List Of Quirky, Classy And Irresistible Gifts For Coffee Lovers

15 Gifts That Are Perfect For The Coffee Lover On Your List

Tis the season for holiday cheer, fun-filled gatherings and of course, being stumped for what to get that hard-to-shop-for person on your list. If that person just happens to be a coffee lover, we are here to come to your rescue.

Think that we are going to suggest a list of the standard coffee mugs and cool gadgetry that everyone else is suggesting this year? No worries. We have taken the task of compiling this list of gift suggestions just as seriously as we take our coffee.

But, before you grab your credit card and dive in, take a moment to really think about the person you are shopping for. Coffee drinkers come in all sorts of varieties. What “type” of coffee drinker is the person on your list? Casual, who enjoys a light, refreshing breakfast blend in the morning? A serious coffee aficionado who lingers over the cup, picking up every subtle note and characteristics?

Not all coffee drinkers are the same, so their gifts shouldn’t be either.

Ok, now go grab your coffee, and sip your way through these can’t resist gifts for the coffee lovers on your list.

Caffeine Molecule Necklace

Do you have a science geek on your list, or someone who just wants to look really cool with a necklace that is sure to spark conversations? We love thi s perfectly geeky necklace that is designed in the same shape as a molecule of caffeine.

Perfect for the student who lives by coffee.



Coffee Themed Pencils

We can think of a million reasons this set of coffee themed pencils should be on your list this year. First, is there an image more classic than a writer, scratching away in a notebook with their coffee close at hand? Writing and coffee are two things that have always gone hand in hand.

Even if you don’t have an inspiring novelist on your list, this set makes a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa office gift.



Coffee Art That Plays Double Duty

Any true coffee lover is going to love coffee art. If your coffee lover happens to have a sense of humor about their love of coffee, that happens to border on obsession, this handmade piece of art will be an appreciated gift.

Perfect for…just about anybody.



The Cool Side Of A Hot Cup Of Coffee

Maybe Legos aren’t your favorite thing if you frequently find one jabbing into your foot because they’re scattered all over your floor. But, as a grown-up toy, they’re cool. We love this Lego coffee mug that lets you “play” with your coffee.

Perfect for the grown-up kid, construction workers and anyone who just wants an awesome mug sitting on their desk.



Coffee And Creativity

Adult coloring has been a hot trend for a couple years now. Taking colored pencil to paper is said to relax and relieve stress. We know plenty of coffee lovers, including ourselves, that feel the same way about coffee. So, why not combine the two.

This coffee themed coloring journal contains images that will inspire creativity and calm your nerves at the same time.

Perfect for the creatively inspired or young at heart.



Keep Them Puzzled

Do you have someone on your list that loves a challenge? 1,000-piece puzzles never fail at providing that challenge. Late nights working on a puzzle means coffee in hand, so surprise your caffeinated puzzle enthusiast with this coffee themed challenge.

Perfect for all ages that love puzzles and games, or people who just don’t like to sleep.



Stylish Coffee Tumblers

Next, we have a gift for the ultra-hip coffee lover that seems to already have everything. These coffee tumblers from the Museum of Modern Art will not disappoint. Sleek and crafted from beautiful material. These are a daily coffee habit just waiting to happen.

Perfect for anyone with style and class.



What’s A Holiday Season Without Tiffany’s?

Looking for a special, one of a kind gift for the most elegant person in your life? Tiffany & Co. never disappoint, and this crystal mug is no exception. Imagine the beauty of sipping coffee from this gorgeously designed mug.

Perfect for the coffee lover you want to impress or anyone that appreciates Tiffany quality.



The Perfect Holiday Perk Me Up

You know how good you feel on the inside after a cup of coffee? Think about what it could do for your skin! Maybe this is why coffee is such a popular ingredient in skin care products right now. IT exfoliants, brightens and softens your skin.

Treat the special person in your life to a little luxurious indulgence with this coffee scrub from Ulta.



A Smooth Morning Shave

What goes best with a smooth cup of coffee in the morning? How about smooth, stubble free skin. This amazing shave soap will help the man in your life look and feel his best. Plus, the coffee vanilla stout scent is too irresistible to pass up.



Coffee Infused Spa Day

We don’t think that there is a better way to pamper someone than with a selection of healing, restorative coffee infused beauty products. This box contain a collection of coffee inspired little luxuries that are sure to be appreciated after the stress of the holidays.

Perfect for the person that needs a little pampering.



The Best Way To Lounge Around With Coffee

Coffee and super comfy, flannel lounge pants are a combination that was just meant to be. These coffee themed flannel pants are adorable, comfortable and cozy.

Perfect for the weekend coffee drinker that loves a slow, leisurely morning.



Pure Truth

We all know someone that feels like coffee is their lifeline. Ok, we may be talking about ourselves, but we are sure you have someone that is equally fixated on the magical powers of coffee.

This shirt says it all.



Carry With Coffee Style

Everyone has a protective case for their phone, but not everyone has one inspired by the world’s favorite drink! These phone cases serve a purpose and highlight one of our favorite things on earth.

Perfect for anyone who scrolling through their phone with a favorite brew in the other hand.



Decorate With Coffee Style

Sometimes the simplest statement is best. This pillow is perfect because not only does it describe three things that a coffee lover can appreciate, but it also goes great with any décor.

Perfect for anyone who appreciates the simple things in life.




The feel of a nice thick set of hand knitted mittens on a cold day is one of the most comforting things we can think of. Why not wrap your coffee in the same comfort?

This knit coffee cozies keep your brew warm, feel cozy soft against your hand and they eliminate the need for disposable paper cozies at the coffee house.



Gadgetry They’ll Love

The problem with gifting appliances and brewing products is that unless you really know the coffee drinker, you might not have a great idea on their favorite method or the appliances already lining their kitchen shelves. If you want to go with a coffee accessory gift, simple and practical work great. Especially when it’s stylish too.

That’s why we love this scoop that doubles as a bag clip. Keeps their coffee fresh and means they’ll never waste time looking for a scoop again.



A Gift That Gives Back

Do you have a coffee lover in your life that truly does already have everything? Or maybe they just aren’t into having more “stuff”. You can still give them a meaningful gift by donating to their favorite nonprofit or charity in their name.

Want to keep it coffee themed? Think about how your coffee drinker spends their time. Do they love listening to talk radio while drinking their coffee on the weekend? How about a donation in their name to NPR? Pick something or someone they would personally love to support.

Show Them The World

Coffee destination vacations are huge right now. Why not really surprise the coffee lover on your list with an all-expense paid trip to their favorite coffee destination. This could be something as simple as a tour and tasting at a local roaster, a trip to any one of the beautiful coffee regions of the world.

Perfect for anyone, because really, who wouldn’t want this?



Are you inspired? We sure hope so. Holidays should be spent creating memories with family and friends, not fretting over the perfect gift or getting caught up in the stress of holiday shopping. If you need an add on for any of these gift ideas, or one more idea for that can stand alone as a great gift for coffee lovers, remember that our Coffee Gift Subscriptions and Accessories are perfect and can be enjoyed year-round.

We raise our coffee mugs as we wish you and yours a happy holiday season.

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