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Hario V60 Glass Range Coffee Server (600ml, Clear)

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Hario V60 Range Server

If you are looking to craft exceptional, coffee house style coffee in your own home, the Hario V60 Range Server is essential.

This durably crafted glass carafe is the perfect vessel to hold your manually brewed coffee. Along with the elegant design, the Hario V60 Ranger Server is made with thick glass, and rubber insert that assure thermal stability while you brew and while you enjoy.

The Hario V60 Range Server also makes a great gift for a coffee enthusiast.

Hario Range Server Product Details:

  • Crafted with thick Durable Japanese Glass

  • Can be used with Hario 01, 02 or 03 V60 Drippers

  • Elegant Design fits most any décor

  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

Commonly Asked Questions:

Yes, the Hario V60 Range Serve is microwave safe, which makes it a good option for quickly heating coffee that has gone a little cold. We would use caution in microwaving coffee in the server too long, not because it might damage the server, but because it is easy to overheat coffee in the microwave and destroy the flavor components.

The 600mL size holds up to four cups of coffee.

Um, maybe. The glass is heat proof, durable and of highest quality, but we haven’t personally tested it on the stove top. We would stick to using it for pour overs and maybe only applying low heat if you really needed to warm it up.

We can’t see why not. Just fill the carafe with hot water and steep your tea. Viola!