Mistakes Made When Buying Coffee Gifts For People At Christmas

If there’s a coffee fan or two in your circle of friends and family, there are lots of great gift ideas you can purchase for Christmas. 

But, based on experience, there is such a thing as a bad coffee gift.

A lot of coffee fans are very particular about their quest for the perfect cup. So, you do need to make sure you choose your gifts with care. 

Plus, you don’t want to purchase something they already have. 

With that being said, below, we are going to reveal some of the main coffee gift mistakes people make so that you can avoid making them.

1. Failing to ask questions

Start with a foundational task.

Asking questions does not mean you need to spoil the surprise.

There are many different ways you can bring up the conversation without making it obvious that you’re thinking about buying a coffee gift for Christmas. 

If you’re not an avid coffee drinker yourself, you can ask some questions that are framed as if you’re asking for yourself. You could also pretend you’re buying for someone else.

Or, you could ask them about what they’re planning on buying next coffee-wise.

Something along these lines will help point you in the right direction.

2. Buying flavored coffee

We’re sure you’ve walked down the aisle in the supermarket and spotted “yule log flavored coffee,” “mince pie flavored coffee,” “gingerbread flavored coffee,” and all of the other festive flavors that brands bring to the shelves at Christmas.

Just say "NO".

While this may seem like a good gift for a loved one, coffee aficionados don’t tend to like these 

They are very particular about the coffee they drink, so you would be much better off buying them specialty coffee beans from a boutique roaster instead. 

Spend some time doing a bit of research online and read what others have to say.

The good news is that it is so much easier nowadays to spot a good roast from a bad one, thanks to the star ratings and comment sections on online stores.

3. Assuming coffee merchandise is for everyone 

Think about your favorite food or drink. Let’s say you love ice cream. Do you really want a T-shirt with “I love ice cream” on the front?

Just because you love something doesn’t mean you want merchandise related to the item.

That’s the point we’re getting at here!

A lot of coffee fans end up receiving coffee-themed wall hangings, posters, ornaments, and so on.

Before you buy anything like this, ask yourself whether or not it’s something the recipient will genuinely appreciate.

This sort of thing is not for everyone. But, if this is a match for the person on your list, this quirky coffee gift guide is sure to please.

4. Purchasing gear (unless you know it’s something the recipient wants)

If the recipient has made it clear that they want accessories for a specific make of machine, by all means, go ahead. However, if you’re simply buying hardware because you think it will come in useful, don’t waste your time.

Coffee drinkers often have a specific brewing process and a specific brewer they use and very specific ways of enjoying their drinks.

After all, just think about how many different styles of coffee makers there are -  from milk steamers for lattes, to drip machines, to espresso machines.

Because of this, it can be very difficult for someone to purchase coffee hardware for someone without fully understanding the machine they already use and the hardware they already have.

5. Overlooking the value of a gift card

A lot of people assume that buying a gift card is a bad idea because they do not want it to appear as if they have simply rushed the gift-buying process.

However, this could not be further from the truth, especially if you purchase a gift card for a reputable coffee brand.

After all, you’ve taken the time to choose a store you know they are going to love.

At the same time, you’re not going to spend your money on something the recipient may want. You can let them decide what to buy, ensuring they get the coffee gift they really want the most.

The majority of people prefer this.

6. Not taking note of how they enjoy their coffee

Let’s say you do a bit of digging online and find a lovely light-medium roast, with a five-star rating. You buy it for your friend, and you are disappointed to discover they did not really like the coffee.

What went wrong?

Well, the coffee may be five stars for those who like light-medium roasts, but if your friend prefers a dark roast, it’s not going to be the coffee for them, no matter how amazing it tastes.

This is why it is pivotal to make sure you always find out how the person takes their coffee.

7. Not reading the ingredients

Last but not least, coffee connoisseurs care about what is in their cup of java.

If you pick up a bag of coffee and it has “100% arabica” written on the front, don’t simply throw it in your basket without a second thought.

What region does the coffee come from?

What processing methods have been used?

If you want to purchase coffee for a coffee fan, you need to be prepared to do a little bit of research before you go shopping.

Avoid these coffee gift mistakes for a happy Christmas

As you can see, there are a lot of different coffee gift mistakes people make when purchasing for loved ones.

If you can avoid the errors we have mentioned above, you can go a long way to making sure your gift brings a big smile to the recipient’s face.

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