The Top 5 Most Romantic Coffee Drinks That Are Perfect For Newlyweds

When planning your honeymoon, coffee probably doesn’t top the list of experiences that you are looking to have.

The thing is that, for coffee lovers, coffee is an integral part of life.

As a couple, you and your new husband or wife will share countless cups of coffee together. You will drink coffee as a way of navigating hectic mornings together, as a way of celebrating times spent with friends and as a way to relax with each other for years to come.

Everyday experiences, like sharing a cup of coffee, are made more special when you share a history together.

Why not start that history by enjoying a new coffee experience together on your honeymoon?

Here is our pick of 5 coffee drinks that are unforgettable and irresistibly romantic.

1. A Siphon Brew

Siphon coffee brewing

The French are notorious for taking the most ordinary of things, and turning them into a romantic adventure. Coffee is no exception.

Siphon brewing is a vacuum pressured method of brewing coffee that can be credited back to a woman named Marie Fanny Amelne Massot of Lyons, France. Marie designed what is believed to be the first pressurized brewing device, made from two glass globes, during the 1800s.

Patents by other creators soon began popping up in other countries, including Germany and Scotland.

While siphon brewed coffee is smooth perfection in a cup, it’s the beauty of the brewing device itself, and the theatrical feel to the brewing process that are really responsible for the romantic charm.

Today, you don’t need to travel to France, Germany or Scotland to enjoy a siphon brew. Many hometown coffee bars have taken to the art of siphon brewing.

So, whether you have a luxurious European honeymoon planned, or if you plan on just sneaking away to a quiet spot not so far from home, a siphon brew is a beautiful, delicious way to add a little romantic magic for coffee-loving love birds.

2. The Cortado

Couple sharing a cortado coffee drink

As a newlywed couple, now is the perfect time to create little rituals that will stay with you through a lifetime of wedded bliss.

For example, the lazy weekend morning stroll to the local coffee shop.

Why not discover a new drink on your honeymoon that can become your signature “couple” drink? You know, the one that the barista automatically starts to craft as soon as you walk in the door?

The cortado is the perfect drink to accompany you through a lifetime of holding hands over coffee. The cortado, which originated in Spain, is a shot of espresso which has been cut with hot milk.

The milk is heated, not frothed, and is added in an amount that is close to being equal to the amount of espresso used. The unfrothed creaminess of the milk blends smoothly into the espresso, creating a rich, silky drink that is worth savoring every sip of.

Think of the cortado as the perfect compromise between a straight shot of espresso and a latte. Compromise leads to great things, in both coffee and marriage.

3. Rosewater Infused Turkish Coffee

Rosewater Infused Turkish Coffee

We think that sharing a beautiful coffee experience together is one of the most romantic things in the world. When it comes to an equation that includes both romance and coffee, a Turkish coffee is always a possible answer.

Turkish coffee is finely ground coffee, mixed with a bit of sugar, that is boiled in a special pot over a heat source and then poured directly into small cups. The result is a delicious, sweet and intoxicatingly rich brew that seems like it was meant for lovers.

Interestingly, Turkish coffee is a part of Turkish wedding customs. The tradition goes that when the groom meets the bride-to-be’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage, everyone is served Turkish coffee. The only difference is that the groom’s has been brewed with salt, rather than sugar. If the groom makes it through the cup without making a face or a fuss, he is then determined to be suitable husband material.

If you’re already on your honeymoon, there is no reason to partake in the salty ritual, but there’s still every reason to enjoy a cup of the sweetened brew. As an extra romantic touch, enjoy your Turkish coffee with a hint of spice like cinnamon or coriander. Then, stir in just a spoonful of rosewater to lightly infuse the brew with soft floral notes.

It’s also customary to have your fortune told by reading the coffee grounds that remain after finishing your cup. We bet your grounds will foretell a future filled with love and happiness.

4. Guillermo

A happy marriage means having new adventures together, and trying new things. Why not start out the adventure during your honeymoon with a surprisingly refreshing, and simple, coffee drink?

The Guillermo could be just the adventure you’re looking for.

The Guillermo consists of just two essential ingredients; lime and espresso. Lime slices are placed in the bottom of a cup and one to two shots of espresso is poured over the fresh fruit. The Guillermo can also be served iced, or with a touch of milk.

Does coffee and lime sound like an odd combination to you?

The acidity of the lime actually complements the espresso very nicely. Sometimes, the most unlikely pairs make for the best marriages.

5. Vienna Coffee

Drinking a Vienna coffee

Vienna has reputation for being one of the most romantic destinations for honeymooners, in part because of their culture and beautiful, historic coffee houses.

Even if you can’t make it to Vienna for your honeymoon, you can still savor the romance of the city with a Vienna coffee.

A Vienna coffee is espresso that is then blessed with whipped cream until the cup if full. The cream is then delicately swirled and the drink is customarily topped with a bit of shaved chocolate or even cinnamon.

Sweet, creamy and luxurious. What a wonderful way to end an evening, and begin a lifetime together.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness and shared cups of coffee together. Make the most of the moments by making sure you always have the best quality coffee on hand.

At Nomad Coffee Club, we have the perfect coffee subscription to get you started. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

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