10 Coffee Gifts For The Book Lovers On Your List

The 10 Gifts That Are Missing From Your Book Lover’s Life

What’s better than coffee? The only thing we can think of is coffee with books. We all have a book lover in our lives. You know, the one who’s eReader is constantly charging or the one who has an ever-changing stack of books, fresh from the library piled next to the sofa.

What are you going to get them this holiday season?

The obvious answer might be more books, but if they’re anything like the book lovers we know, keeping up with what they have and haven’t read is just too challenging. Instead, why not focus on a gift that will enhance their reading experience?

We have found 10 gifts that are perfect for the book lover, and the coffee lover too.

#1 A little reading atmosphere

A cup of coffee, a great book and a cozy blanket to curl up with. The only thing missing is a mood inspiring candle flickering in the background. This candle is lusciously coffee scented, and the perfect complement to a relaxing night of winter reading.



#2 one beautiful book

No book lover should be without this beautifully photographed World Atlas of Coffee. It’s a must have for any book collection.



#3 coffee themed bookmarks

Need a last-minute gift or a stocking stuffer for the book lover on your list? These “charming” coffee inspired bookmarks are a ones your book lover with adore.



#4 chocolate + coffee = happiness

Picture sitting by a cozy fire, completely infatuated with a book, but then your sweet tooth strike. What is the perfect sweet nibble to accompany a great book? Try these chocolate covered espresso beans.



#5 mug of contentment

If you think that coffee mugs are a cliché gift for the book lover, it’s time to think again. This mug is stylishly simple is design, but the message is one that will resonate with the book lover in your life.



#6 TOTEaly adorable bag

What’s one thing that a book lover always needs? A way to carry around their most recent library loot, or their notes for the next book club. This bag is sturdy enough to handle it all, and delivers a classic message at the same time.



#7 stuck in the middle is the perfect place to be

With more people choosing eBooks over turning physical pages, the sales of bookends, which were once essential, have fallen. Does this mean they are an outdated thing of the past? Absolutely not. Beautifully designed bookends, like these, will always be a welcome décor element in a book lover’s home, and a much appreciated, unexpected gift.



#8 perfect accessory for the newest page turner

Stumped for a gift for the more practical book lover on your list. We know they’ll love this sleek coffee warmer. No longer will their coffee get cold when they can’t pull themselves away, or need to read “just one” more chapter.



#9 a bit of literary history

The literary cafes of Europe are some of the most famous in the world, not to mention the birthplace of creative thought for countless writers and artists. This book is perfect for the book lover who also appreciates everything that the “coffee experience” can be.



#10 light up their life

Do you know a book lover that always seems to be curled up with a book in a spot that has the worst lighting? Instead of forcing them out of their cozy corner to find decent reading light, why not gift them this quirky reading light? Small and light enough to move around easily from one reading spot to the next, or quirky enough to become a central piece of décor in a reader’s favorite room.



We have a strong hunch that there is something here for every book lover on your list, but we also have an idea for a gift that keeps giving all year round. Our Nomad Coffee Club Subscriptions are perfect for book lovers. Whether they enjoy the perfect cup with a best seller or like to share great coffee with their book group, a subscription is always a gift they will appreciate and love.

Now, sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy picking out a gift for the book lover in your life. Happy Holidays!

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