5 Coffee Vacations That Are Perfect For Couples

Let us guess what’s going on. You and the love of your life are trying to plan a vacation together, but your ideas just don’t seem to mesh and you’re having trouble deciding where to go and what to do. Our suggestion is that you find a common ground, something you both enjoy, and build a vacation around that. Something like coffee.

A coffee vacation, are we serious? Absolutely! Coffee is grown and appreciated all over the world. We have come up with a list of 5 types of coffee vacations that are perfect for coffee lovers, whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or an exotic foreign adventure.

Become A Coffee Specialist: Florence, Italy

Is there a place on earth that is more appealing to lovers, and lovers of coffee, than Italy? If there is one spot in Italy that was designed for people who appreciate the good things in life, it’s Florence. The magnificent art alone is reason enough to make this destination top priority on your list, but Florence offers something more that we just can’t resist.

A coffee culture fueled by a rich history.

The people of Florence take their coffee, or more accurately, their espresso very seriously. Every common coffee drink that can be ordered at a Florence coffee house is espresso based, with the only real variations being a macchiato or a latte. You will be hard pressed to find a straight brewed cup of coffee here, and don’t even think about ordering a double chocolate mocha with coconut milk and a drizzle of caramel syrup. It’s just not happening.

Do you and your significant other want to learn how to do coffee, Italian style? The Florence Culinary Art School offers 1 and 2-week barista classes that will teach both of you everything you need know about coffee, including a visit to an Italian coffee factory. While the 1-week course covers the basics, the 2-week option branches out into dessert coffees and coffee cocktails. Nothing could be sweeter for you and your sweetheart.

And, yes, English translators are available.

Weekend Café Crawl: Boston, Massachusetts

If we were to ask you to name one of the great coffee cities in the United States, what would your answer be?

Portland? Seattle? San Francisco? NYC?

These are all great answers, but there is one bustling hub of coffee culture that doesn’t always get the attention that it deserves. Friends, we’re talking about Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston is an all-American town where coffee love brews strong. The city is filled with coffee houses worthy of their cult followings, making it the perfect destination for a weekend café crawl.

Coffee joints like Beantowne Coffee House, Cafenation and Diesel Café highlight the diversity in Boston coffee culture. We recommend grabbing a map, closing your eyes and picking a place to start. Enjoy breakfast and coffee in one café, an early afternoon tea in the next. For lunch, enjoy some Bostonian cuisine with your favorite type of brew, and then make your way into your next stop for a late afternoon decaf. Just remember to take it easy. A café crawl, just like a pub crawl, can have unpleasant side effects if you overindulge.

While in Boston, make sure to take advantage of  Counter Culture Coffee’s Boston Training Center for their “Boston Tastings at Ten” series. Every Friday at 10 am they offer a free coffee tasting and educational bits on the coffee industry, all of which are free of charge to anyone that wants to join in.

Be First On The Scene In An Emerging Coffee Culture: Australia

In Australia, coffee isn’t just a morning drink, it’s an experience and an education. While not widely known as a coffee producing nation, Australia’s coffee farms are experiencing a revival. Australia is the place to land on your next vacation if you want to experience an incredible, emerging coffee culture.

We know, Australia is big place. It isn’t fair of us to just point you there without any real direction. There are a couple of spots in Australia that we feel are especially worthy of your time.

The first is the Mareeba/Atherton region, which is the main growing area on the continent, producing approximately 300 tons of coffee annually. Many of the plantations and farms here are inclusive, meaning they carry their beans through the entire process, from farming to roasting and finally packaging and distribution. These farms are perfect spots to visit if you really want to see the coffee process from start to finish.

And then, there is Sydney. Right now, in Sydney, coffee culture is going as strong as the nightlife. We promise that there are coffee experiences in Sydney that you just won’t find anywhere else in the world. For example, Catmosphere Cafe Sydney: Coffee with the Kitten Cadets. Yes, this really is a place where you get to cuddle adorable, adoptable kittens while sipping on your cuppa joe. And then, there is a backstreet walking tour during which you get a look at some of Sydney’s finest street graffiti, with a nice cup of Australian coffee included in the ticket price.

Leave it to the land down under to turn coffee upside down.

Visit The Birthplace Of Coffee: Ethiopia

Any couple that considers themselves true coffee lovers is going to want to add a trip to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, to their bucket lists. Is there anywhere else in the world where you can get such a close up, intimate look at coffee culture and history? We don’t think so.

One of our favorite ways to experience Ethiopian coffee culture is the “Addis Ababa Food Tour: Explore Ethiopian Culture & Coffee.” The tour includes an education on Ethiopian culture and a traditional coffee ceremony that follows the transformation of coffee from bean to brew.

The best part? Revenue from the tour is invested in providing scholarships for young Ethiopian women.

Even if this particular tour isn’t your thing, Ethiopia is a divine destination for coffee loving tourists. From the plentiful farms and plantations that provide tours and tastings, to the incredible cuisine, Ethiopia is the perfect spot for a couple to escape together.

World Coffee Competition

Do you and your significant other like to get into the spirit of a good competition? World Coffee Events hosts various coffee competitions every year, and they make for the perfect reason to pack up and get away from it all for a week.

Championship events include the World Barista Championship, World Coffee Roasting Championship, and a favorite, the World Latte Art Championship. Just imagine all that you could see and learn at one of these high-level coffee competitions.

Before We Say Bon Voyage

The perfect couples coffee-infused vacation takes some time and planning to become a reality. So, while you are waiting for your departure date to arrive, why not enjoy the best coffee in your own home. Try a Nomad Coffee Subscription to keep both of you fueled while you wait.

Bon Voyage!

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