Top Driftaway Coffee Subscription Alternatives

For all coffee lovers and enthusiasts, we're very fortunate to have so much at our fingertips. What was simply a growing and popular commodity of the late 1800s has now become a hobby and part of many people's daily lives.

Driftaway Coffee is a popular coffee brand that boasts sustainability and support for the planet. But what other options are out there?

Driftaway Coffee Subscription Pros and Cons

Like many of the options listed below, Driftaway is a great option for those who prioritize freshness based on their policy to ship within 6 hours of roasting. However, their tasting kit (half a pound of coffee) is priced near the cost of a full bag which is already on the higher end.

That premium is put to good use, however, as five cents for every pound sold of donated toward World Coffee Research. And, they provide a platform for small, local farms with stellar postcards that depict the farmer and farms who produced the bean.

Similar to Nomad Coffee Club, members do not have a say in which coffee they receive other than choosing a level based on the tasting kit. Unlike Nomad, the overall range of beans offered is smaller than the likes of Mistobox or Trade which may be a drawback for some members.  

About the Driftaway Coffee Subscription Alternatives

We've chosen the below coffee subscription box alternatives because they offer something different from a Driftaway coffee subscription.

Whether you're a big drinker of coffee or you've just started exploring beyond your grocery-store bag of coffee, having a few subscriptions can be useful to compare. Some of these are more expensive, others are cheaper but all provide great value and quality beans from across the globe.

So with that in mind, we've got a selection of Driftaway alternatives that come out on top for us.

Nomad Coffee Club

We're obviously biased, but we think Nomad Coffee Club is one that offers the very best when it comes to subscription services.

We offer a standard monthly plan and longer options available from three, six, and twelve-month subscriptions with discounts based on the length of the subscription. We're a must-try if you've only had one coffee subscription before and you're looking for a new one to try. 

There are many benefits to Nomad Coffee Club. We are ethically sourced and driven by supporting the coffee communities around the world, as well as providing the satisfactory services that many customers will expect from coffee companies such as the ones mentioned on this list.

With the club, you get great quality roasts every time, regardless of how long you're with the subscription service.

We also have a keen eye for quality control and freshness with orders shipped within 48 hours. Whatever coffee blend or roast you pick, it's going to be a good one.

The monthly subscription is one that comes with no-strings-attached and so there's no need to worry about being tied down.

We're also focused on the environment with eco-friendly, plastic-free, compostable material for the packaging delivered right to your door!

With coffee roasted to order, there's really very little not to like about our coffee club.

Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee Subscription

If you're someone who buys the same coffee every time you go into the grocery store, then it's useful to try something new. There's always plenty of coffee brands out there and ones that you will have never come across before.

Craft Coffee is a great subscription service and one that started all subscriptions off since. They've got some of the best prices and services for their customers available, with fresh-roasted beans available with every order. They roast the coffee in small batches, pack them in-house and then ship them out within 72 hours of them being roasted.

They've been in production since 2011 and their mission was to bring better coffee to those who were looking for it. They're referred to by Fortune Magazine as being the 'internet coffee company'.

They're the first company to create a personalized coffee recommendation service and prices are as low as $6.99 per 12oz when you buy four bags of coffee. There's free shipping, no tax, and no membership fees to pay.


BeanGenius Coffee Subscription

Specialty coffees can be a little harder to find but they're worth digging for as they can create a wonderful cup of coffee. BeanGenius is one of those providers of specialty coffee whereby you can tailor the coffee you receive by taking the company's test.

Their Palate Profiler can find the right preferences when it comes to the customer's perfect flavor profile. Each coffee on their site has been cupped and analyzed in a variety of ways.

With a variety of coffees to choose from, you can certainly find a great selection to suit your preferences. Not only that but with four to eight flavor notes to choose from, the algorithm will be able to offer you lots of different coffees to try. That means you're not always getting the same thing every time. Instead, you can expand your experience and what more there is to offer from the world of coffee.

Once you've done the test, you pick the plan that best fits your needs and you can then provide feedback on the coffee that can help tweak and tailor the algorithm to your preferences. That should hopefully mean your subscription gets better and better as each month goes by! Coffee Subscription is a coffee marketplace that delivers quality coffee for those who may have wanted to try a coffee subscription service for a while now but haven't had the opportunity to do so.

Since their launch in 2015, they're considered one of the best coffee subscription platforms out there and they've spent more than four years providing a range of coffee providers from all over the country. Their library of coffee options makes this a much fruitful experience for those who don't want to be limited to just one or two coffee brands.

Not only that but they help connect both the customer and the farmer, to discover more coffee options, and to support independent farmers who rely on these coffee subscription boxes.

There are eight stages to the signup and although that seems like a lot, it's a tailored experience that finds you the best coffee for you. Choose how you brew coffee whether that's french press, pour-over, or Chemex for example. Then you choose the roast level as well as a number of other multiple-choice answers to figure out which five coffees match your needs.

Trade Subscription   

Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Subscription has hand-picked a range of coffees, all from sustainable sources that are delivered fresh by over 55 craft roasters. You get the independent, smaller coffee roasters that can be a more delightful experience than going more mainstream. With over a staggering 450+ curated coffees to choose from, you can rest assured that you're getting America's best when it comes to coffee. 

With flexible deliveries, you can adjust your delivery dates to suit you, swap out coffees that you might not like and you're also able to cancel at any time. The coffee is delivered fresh to your door, roasted when you order, and no earlier. More importantly, the coffee has been ethically sourced with ethical and sustainable practices.

Simply sign up to become a member and get matched to a coffee that's suited to your tastes. You'll then set a schedule and enter the payment information needed to join. Trade Subscription has some of the best coffees available, with many of them award-winning brands and coffees.

Angels Cup

Angles Cup Coffee Subscription

Angels Cup is one that's very popular since being featured in the likes of GQ and USA today. There are thousands of coffees that get sampled so that you don't need to do any of the work or research yourself. The fresh coffee is delivered straight to your door and their all-star products are the highest-rated coffees voted by the existing community of members.

A great benefit that comes from Angels Cup is that they have an app that can help you record tasting notes, as well as compare answers in the community and the roast master who is a fountain of knowledge.

This is a subscription that offers a lot of variety and it's something that can cater to all preferences, regardless of what type of coffee you enjoy. They have three different subscriptions that you can choose from that will easily suit what your budget may be and the amount of coffee you drink on a monthly basis!

Blue Bottle Coffee 

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Blue Bottle Coffee is a well-known coffee business that has multiple cafes across various locations both in the USA but beyond also. From locations in Tokyo and Hong Kong, it's a very popular place to get the best coffee from around the world.

Their coffee subscription is a popular choice for anyone looking to explore the world of coffee beyond just what they'd get in a grocery store. With Blue Bottle Coffee, you get to choose from a single origin, blend or espresso coffee assortment. 

It's all dependent on what you're after as a coffee drinker and which one you feel is best suited for your coffee drinking needs.

Subscriptions start at just $8 per month and it can be an affordable option for those who may have a limited budget. However, the prices go up depending on what type of coffee you go for. If you're a coffee addict, then this is a great addition to your coffee consumption.

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Subscription

There's a reason why over 100,000 coffee drinkers moved over to the Atlas Coffee Club. They provide the top 1% of the world's coffee that is a specialty grade, is single-origin, and is hand-picked at its peak ripeness for maximum quality.

The coffee selection that Atlas Coffee Club provides is by far the most unique and therefore what you see on the site is not what you'd typically find on the shelves.

They source each bean from places like India, Ecuador, and Malawi to name but a few. As most of these are on the list, they're also roasted fresh to order and are roasted to your preference whether you like coffee flavor that's more intense or something quite light on the palate.

With the coffee delivered based on your customized schedule, it's something that you can enjoy as and when you need it. Rather than letting it build up in your cupboard, it means you avoid the taste of a stale bean!

Bottom line on Driftaway Coffee alternatives

Whether you're a regular coffee drinker or a newcomer trying out different methods of brewing coffee, part of the journey is trying new options.

As the online world continues to make everything more accessible and the craze for coffee shows no sign of slowing down, there's likely to be plenty more coffee makers and subscription services available in the future for the coffee industry.

So whether or not it's Driftaway coffee, make sure you give one of the coffee subscription boxes or services a go this year, or at least bookmark the page for reference!

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