Fellow Ode Grinder Review

The Fellow Ode is an exceptional grinder that is simple in all the right ways boasting a sleek and modern design, while also delivering outstanding performance and functionality. 

Fellow Ode Grinder Review

Fellow is a reputable brand for producing some of the most effective brewing appliances and accessories to make a great-tasting cup every time. The coffee equipment brand has already created some great appliances that, in our opinion, are essential to buy when it comes to making coffee in your own home.

The Fellow Ode Grinder is one piece of equipment that was highly anticipated by many followers of the brand and coffee lovers who were aware of this stylish grinder coming to the market.

However, does it live up to the hype created?

We put the Fellow Ode Grinder to the test to find out the answer to that question and to conclude whether or not this is a good pick for at-home coffee grinding.


  • Fantastic grind particle consistency.
  • A variety of easy-to-use features for precise, single-dose brewing.
  • Sleek, modern, matte design that fits into any kitchen aesthetic.
  • Designed with noise reduction in mind for quiet operation.


  • Steeper price point for those on a budget.
  • No digital display, a convenience some may prefer.
  • Not ideal for fine espresso grinds.
  • The single-dose hopper may not be ideal for those looking to brew larger batches.

Fellow Ode Grinder Overview

A powerful and precise electric coffee grinder, the Ode Brew Grinder is one that's highly effective for those looking to elevate their daily brew. With over 31 grind settings to choose from, it's a single-dose loading machine that gives you the freshest grinds possible.

For those looking for an array of impressive features, the Fellow Ode Grinder provides those in abundance without it distracting those who engineered the appliance from the actual grinder itself. This grinder is perfect for anyone that's looking to grind coffee beans at home.

Who Might Like the Fellow Ode Grinder

  • Those wanting versatility in their grind.
  • Automated coffee grinder over a manual option.
  • A coffee grinder that performs well and looks good.

Who Might Not Like the Fellow Ode Grinder

  • Primarily espresso drinkers.
  • Those on a budget may consider this grinder to be too expensive.
  • Preference for a manual grinder over an automated one.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

While there are a number of nice features that this grinder offers, it's not suitable for those that want multiple doses or espresso brewing capabilities.

This will also not be an option for those on a budget.

Finally, while the Fellow Ode Grinder is designed with noise reduction in mind, it may still be louder than some users would prefer. While the noise level is certainly not excessive, it may be an issue for those who are particularly sensitive to noise.

Key Features

One of the key features of the Fellow Ode Grinder is its advanced grind calibration system. This innovative system allows users to easily adjust the grind size to their desired setting, with over 30 grind settings to choose from. 

The Fellow Ode Grinder also features a large, flat burr that allows for a more consistent and uniform grind. This means that each particle of coffee is ground to the same size, resulting in a more even extraction and a richer, fuller flavor profile.

With its precise grind settings, you can experiment with the fineness or coarseness of your coffee grinds based on your manual preparation methods.

This level of precision and customization ensures that each cup of coffee is brewed to perfection, with the exact level of coarseness or fineness needed for optimal extraction.

Product Construction and Specs

As a piece of coffee equipment, it's quite compact in size, which makes for a useful appliance if kitchen counter space is limited or it needs to be stored in a kitchen cabinet or somewhere nearby.

While the Fellow Ode is relatively compact and easy to transport, it may not be the best option for those who need a grinder for larger batches of coffee due to its single-dose hopper.

At $299.00, it's a reasonably priced appliance, perhaps somewhat on the more expensive side but still worth its value in features and functionality.


The Fellow brand creates some great home products that look aesthetically beautiful. From their kettles to the range of serving cups available, it's very easy to get swept up in buying many of the brand's products.

The Fellow Ode Grinder is no different, with a matte black appearance that's industrial in its design but perfect for a modern space. It has a classy and sleek style that many would fall in love with. Pair it up with the Atmos Vacuum Canister to keep your beans fresh and ready for pouring into the machine. 

Serving Size 

Fellow Ode Serving Size

This is where the machine might be suitable for some, but it may be too small for serving size for others.

The appliance holds around 80 grams of beans, making it ideal for single-dose grinding. Whilst the grinding process might not take long, it will take multiple grinds in order to make enough coffee for multiple coffee drinkers.

However, if you love the process of grinding down coffee beans, this might not be such a bad thing to deal with.

In comparison to other grinding machines, it's an average capacity when it comes to serving size.


The material of the appliance is one that certainly turns heads. The aluminum body is a typical material used for a lot of Fellow products. The downside of the material, though, is the plastic load bin and base. This might not be ideal for those looking to reduce the plastic in their household and would prefer glass instead.

The stainless steel and titanium aluminum carbon nitride coating is one that adds durability to the machine so that you can use it for many years without it rusting or getting easily damaged. For the price, you're getting quality in the materials it's made out of.

Size/Dimension Options

This compact burr grinder is an impressive appliance considering its size. Measuring 4.25" wide by 9.5" deep and 9.5" tall. Anyone that's limited in space around their home will certainly benefit from this appliance. However, the lack of a bean hopper is what makes this grinder so compact in size.

This might not be the best-matched appliance for anyone looking for something bigger. Some coffee grinders would prefer to have a bean hopper as part of their machine.

Weighing around 4.5kg, it's a lighter machine than most, meaning you can move it around as needed without much muscle power.Warranty

The Fellow Ode Grinder comes with a standard 1-year warranty. That's a somewhat reasonable amount of warranty, but it may be an appliance that you want to put onto your home insurance as for a few hundred dollars, it might be something you want to keep covered for longer.

In order to maintain the 1-year warranty, proper care and intended use of the product are needed to keep that warranty guaranteed should something go wrong with it in its first year of use.

How it Works

Taking from Fellow's handy machine guides, using the Ode Grinder is simple and easy to follow when you've finally unpackaged the machine and set it up in your home. Here's a quick how-to on using the appliance:

1. Always give the safety manual a read before starting it up.

This will ensure you know everything there is to operate this grinder, especially as it contains sharp parts.

2. Remove the lid and check the grind recommendations.

Remove the loading bin lid at the top of the machine and check the grind recommendations found underneath the lid. This will give you the best advice on what grind is most suitable for your coffee preferences. 

3. Twist the grind dial to your preferred grind level.

Twisting the grind dial is easy, and all 31 printed grind levels are easy to see to turn the dial to the correct one.

4. Use the catch ratio to measure out beans.

Depending on the volume of ground coffee beans you require, you can measure the catch ratio with the dots displayed inside the container. Pour these coffee beans into the top container and close the lid.

5. Press the power button to start and wait until it stops grinding.

The power button in the machine's bottom right-hand corner will grind the coffee and automatically stop grinding when it's done.

How to Care/Maintenance/Clean?

In order to keep the warranty in check for the Fellow Ode Grinder, you'll want to make sure you clean and maintain the machine properly.

You'll need a Phillips head screwdriver, a stiff and soft brush, and a damp towel. Grinder cleaning tablets are optional but not needed.

We recommend cleaning the stainless steel burrs at least every three months for a regular user.

If you follow these steps correctly, your Ode Grinder will last years.

How Does the Fellow Ode Grinder Compare to Others?

When comparing the Fellow Ode Grinder, a number of grinders on the market rival that of the Fellow's machine. Here is a couple worth looking at if you want to compare the options available.

Fellow Ode vs. Baratza Virtuoso+

Both grinders have a great build and consistent grind quality. The Virtuoso Plus has a 40-millimeter steel conical burr, and the Fellow Ode features a 64-millimeter flat steel burr. The Od's finest grind is around 500 to 600-micron range, and the Virtuoso Plus can grind all the way down to 200 microns.

If you're looking for a finer grinder, the Virtuoso+ is ideal. For those that are looking for a more aesthetically-pleasing and well-designed grinder, the Fellow Ode does look and feel a lot better.

The pricing of both is similar, with Fellow Ode being slightly more expensive and the Virtuoso being around $249.95. 

Fellow Ode vs. Baratza Forte

The similarities between the Forte and Ode are that they are both flat burr grinders. The grinders are both hands-free grinding, which is important for some at-home coffee grinders.

There are a limited of fineness settings, however, there are two grind fineness dials that the Forte offers. There's a basic grind adjustment dial and then a second one that helps to make further grind range adjustments to accommodate various brewing methods. 

For burrs, the Fellow Ode has the largest one at 64mm, whilst the Forte is only 54mm. The Forte uses ceramic burrs, and the Fellow Ode uses steel burrs. The ceramic is well known to be more durable and resists dulling.

The price range reflects the slight design and feature enhancements that the Forte has at $849.95.

Product Owner Reviews and Feedback

With many Fellow Ode product owners, let's look at what some customers have said about this coffee grinding device.

'Grinder is the best I've owned. Typically 0.1g is retained, if that! Grounds are very consistent. Considerably quieter than other grinders. The stepped dial is fab. This grinder has made a massive taste improvement with my daily coffee. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their coffee experience.'

- Gregory K, Coffee Hit

'I have really taken a liking to this coffee grinder. It is pricey, but it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee grinders I have ever seen, and it does its job right. This combination of factors has given it a permanent place on my kitchen counter where my coffee and espresso maker are.'

- Bren, Google Shopping

Product FAQs

Will I be able to use the Fellow Ode Grinder for espresso?

Ode is built to help provide brewed coffee, meaning it's not suitable for use for espresso making. The grind will not be fine enough to work well for espresso brewing.

How do you fix an Ode Grinder that's jammed?

Tap the grinder on its side firmly, press the power button, and continue tapping on the side firmly until the jam clears and grinding continues.

Is the Ode Grinder useful for French press?

The Ode is best used for brew methods like V60, cold brews, and French presses. The medium and coarsest grind settings make this an ideal appliance to use for these types of immersion brewing methods.

Other Products from Fellow

There are a variety of products worth trying from the Fellow brand. Here are just a few recommendations to take a look at:

Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Atmos Vacuum Canister

Carter Everywhere Mug

Clara French Press

Fellow Company Information

Fellow has been on a mission since 2013 to brew great coffee in the home. By providing high-quality equipment, they've helped many of their customers get that satisfying brew at home rather than going to a coffee shop.

Fellow's products include a range of kettles, French presses, grinders, and much more. They've won a number of awards, including the Specialty Coffee Association Awards and the Red Dot Design Award.

Headquartered in San Francisco California, the brains behind the brand is CEO Jake Miller.

Physical Stores 

The Fellow Store + Playground can be found at their headquarters in San Francisco California. 

Store Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 12 pm – 7 pm

Store Address:

820 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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