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For anyone that's a fan of, there's more to their specialty coffee than just their coffee roaster selection.

Your coffee subscription starts with an initial questionnaire to identify your preferred roast level (light, medium, dark, or decaf) along with your note preference: fruity, sweet, chocolaty, or nutty. sources its coffee directly from the roasters who take good care of their growers. The majority of the coffee hand-selected by is single origin prepared in small batches by smaller roasters who work directly with coffee farmers (Direct Trade).

You’re in control throughout your subscription, and therefore your experience is personalized to your specific taste.

Crema Coffee Subscription Pros and Cons is a great option for those looking for a coffee subscription box that offers flexibility, variety, and excellent hand-crafted coffee with delivery options ranging from every 3 days to once per month.

With details about roasters, producers, regions, and flavor profiles, the folks at Crema fully embrace the idea of connecting the end consumer with the entire process from seed to cup, not just the end result.

However, while the pricing is listed in your 'playlist', subscribers may not like the inconsistency with pricing. For example, one shipment might cost you $16 for 12 oz, and the next could be $22. 

About The Crema Coffee Subscription Alternatives

We didn't develop a fancy scorecard or summarize a bunch of data points to bring you these suggested alternatives to Crema Coffee.

We're coffee lovers and we've tried each one personally. You can check out the customer ratings yourselves, but we did our best to call out variances in price point and value, shipping, and any features that might make the respective option stand out from the pack.

Every coffee drinker has unique tastes - hopefully, these options get you closer to the best option for you!

In no particular order, here are some of the top Crema Coffee subscription alternatives you can find online.

1. Nomad Coffee Club

Nomad Coffee Club is obviously one we've put at the top of the list.

Coffee clubs are a great way of receiving some top-quality coffee products but also learning more about the coffee industry and where it comes from.

As a true coffee club we've worked hard to ethically source the unique coffee products that are provided each month. We've found that is what a lot of our customers love about the brand.

We're not only driven to satisfy our customers. Embracing and supporting the coffee community is also paramount. We not only source the coffee ethically, we also focus on sustainability with eco-friendly packaging made of plastic-free, compostable material. For many eco-conscious customers, this checks an important box.

The coffee itself is roasted to order and that means you don't need to worry about stale coffee beans that ruin the flavor and overall aroma of your brewed coffee. You've also got a pause or cancel option when it comes to the subscription and that makes Nomad Coffee Club a good one for flexibility and having a no-strings-attached approach as a coffee subscription.

With a quality roast delivered monthly from a different region of the world each month, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better coffee subscription service available on the internet.

2. Craft Coffee Subscription

Craft Coffee Subscription

Tired of buying the same type of coffee every time you step foot into the grocery store? Well, something like Craft Coffee can open up the possibilities of what's out there beyond just the local coffee shop or partners that distribute in your local grocery. 

They're a smaller company than most that you'll come across and the reason for this is that they roast in small batches. They pack them in-house and then ship them out within 72 hours of them being roasted. As a customer, it means you'll receive great service possible because a lot of it is handled by the company in-house. 

Craft Coffee has been in production since 2011 and its mission of bringing better coffee to those looking for it has certainly been fulfilled. Fortune Magazine has referred to them as being the 'internet coffee company' so you'll definitely find a good subscription service with this business.

They create a personalized coffee recommendation service and prices are as low as $6.99 per 12oz when you buy four bags of coffee. No membership fees and no commitments to long-term subscription contracts are what's provided and what a lot of customers are after nowadays. It's a fuss-free service that delivers excellent coffee.

3. Philz Coffee Subscription

Philz Coffee Subscription

If you're looking for a different coffee brand that has been around for a long time already then Philz Coffee Subscription is a must! It all began back in 1978 when the founder, Phil, purchased a convenience store. He built up a loyal community of customers and out of hours, he was blending, roasting, and tasting brews to get that perfect cup of amazing coffee. 

With over twenty-five years of experimenting, Phil moved his coffee creations from the kitchen table over to the convenience store, and hey presto, Philz Coffee was born. Putting his customers first and people in general, the quality and care of the Philz Coffee Subscription was a sure-fire success. It's not just about freshly roasted coffee, after all, it's about the people and that's probably why it's been so successful.

There are a number of Philz stores to visit in-store and you'll see the baristas grind the beans and make each cup of coffee to the customer's tastes. This is one of the more unique experiences when it comes to coffee that you simply don't get at places like Starbucks.

For the subscription, it's pretty much the same process.

Firstly, you pick your blend of coffee beans, and then they're packaged up and sent over to you. Choose which roast you want and they'll take care of the rest. From bestsellers to seasonal favorites, there's something new for everyone to try out each month. Starting a brew in your french press or espresso machine will never get boring!

4. Waka Coffee

Waka Coffee Subscription

Many of us like a story behind a company and this coffee brand is no different. Waka Coffee was created with the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee without any hassle. Regardless of whether you're a new drinker of coffee or an experienced one. Their objective as a business is to reinvent the instant coffee category, which is usually looked down upon by the other coffee brewing methods and types.

As such, they've provided a superior product that also promotes socially conscious values too. The founder of the business, David, came up with the idea whilst living in NYC. With a hectic lifestyle, the need for instant coffee was critical. As David experimented with coffee, he found instant coffee to be the solution to fit into his busy lifestyle. An easy-to-drink coffee isn't necessarily easy to create though.

Most of the instant coffee is made with Robusta beans that are roasted in huge, spray-dried batches. It saves money for the companies who make them but as a result, the taste is sacrificed. In this day and age, the taste is essential over a caffeine kick. With Waka, they use 100% Arabica beans instant coffee. These are commonly used in a lot of coffee shops. They then freeze-dry the beans in order to preserve the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

Waka is one of the many coffee brands that aim for the finest products when it comes to coffee but they also offer instant teas too for those or want an alternative to the coffee range. And, if you like cold brew, this is a great 'instant brew' option.

5. Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Subscription

As the name suggests, the Atlas Coffee Club covers a wider range of coffee than most brands would. They bring coffee from across various countries whether that be Kenya, Peru, Colombia or Tanzania to name but a few. Each month the subscriber gets to choose between 6, 12 or 24 ounces of coffee. These are between $9-$28 depending on the amount you choose and in relation to the other companies, it's an affordable coffee for most. 

There are also three roast preferences available from light to medium, medium to dark or all roasts if you're not fussed. You can select the delivery to arrive biweekly or monthly, depending on how frequently you'd need the coffee. You can also ask to have your beans ground or whole, which makes it flexible for those who can't grind their beans or for those customers who have their own method for grinding and brewing.

You don't have to choose their monthly subscription, where you get a new coffee from a different country every month. Instead, if you want to browse their past collections and simply buy what you want from there, you can do that also.

With Atlas Coffee Club, there's a bit more variety in what you can do in order to explore the coffee options out there and it's certainly one for coffee drinkers who want to be more adventurous with their coffee choices.

6. Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee Subscription

For Driftaway Coffee, their mission was to create beautifully crafted specialty coffee that every customer could indulge in without it being too complex. Their interest in fair trade coffee has transformed the business into something truly wonderful, whether you're approaching it as a new customer, or you're a seasoned drinker that's looking for some new coffees to try.

The passion and effort that's put into this brand are certainly noticeable and their luggage tag style designs signify just how much of a journey these coffee beans have been on to get to our cups! The company obsesses over every little detail to make sure that the coffee the customer receives is what they prefer and what they'll enjoy. 

As well as providing excellent coffee, they also offer virtual tasting classes for those who want to learn even more when it comes to the coffee they're drinking. It's another way of making coffee more than just the caffeine or that initial taste. It's learning about flavor profiles, the aromas, and the background behind the coffee.

You'll definitely find some favorites when it comes to Driftaway Coffee, as well as becoming more of an expert when it comes to coffee. It's a good conversation topic if you've got fellow coffee drinkers in your friendship group or family!

7. Bean Box

Bean Box Coffee Subscription

They describe themselves as being simply the best when it comes to coffee and that's likely down to offering small-batch micro-lots, where they can spend a lot more time and focus on bringing quality to the coffee. 

Award-winning roasters, Bean Box, offers a variety of coffee from some of the best artisan roasters around the world. These are curated by world-class coffee experts and the in-house Curation Team is responsible for making sure that every cup of coffee you have from Bean Box, exceeds expectations every time without fail.

You won't get old beans with this brand because they roast the coffee, packaging it straight away to keep its freshness and dispatch at a similar time. That way, peak freshness, and the flavor is always guaranteed.

The coffee subscription flow itself is fairly easy to follow. You first pick what type of coffee you want, whether it's coffee beans or ground coffee. You then choose what roast you want. They do a real variety here from Decaf, Espresso, Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Light Roast, and combinations.

After that, you then choose between a coffee tasting box or a recurring subscription. The coffee tasting is four different coffees whereas the coffee bag is just the one. Prices vary depending on how often you receive the coffee and what subscription you pick. However, there is free shipping for both options!

8. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Blue Bottle Coffee is a great brand for providing high-quality coffee, even though it might be a bit more on the expensive side than other companies. That doesn't mean that the value isn't there and the passion that goes into bringing the very best coffee.

Choose from a mix of blends, single-origins, espressos, or decaf when picking your coffee. You'll get to choose what you find to be your preferred coffee option and depending on the amount of coffee you want, a standard 12oz bag starts at $18. You can opt for larger or smaller bags depending on how often you drink coffee. Some prefer more or less, so Blue Bottle Coffee caters to that.

As well as offering a coffee subscription, they also have local coffee shops where you can buy coffee in person or enjoy a cup of coffee there too. These are scattered across the US and beyond in Asia too!

Any coffee subscription orders are shipped out within 48 hours of roasting, which of course means you get your coffee as fresh as it can be.

9. Moustache Coffee Club

Moustache Coffee Subscription

Moustache Coffee Club is a subscription box that's an inclusive brand, providing the very best in single-origin, fair trade coffee that grows in many regions across the world. They curate micro-lots that you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Like many of the others on this list, they ship their coffee beans on the day that they're roasted. This is to maintain maximum freshness and flavor from the moment they arrive on your doorstep. With this club, their objective is to offer more than what you'd get in your grocery store. They also realize that brewing coffee needs to be easy in order for more people to expand their knowledge of the coffee bean.

Moustache Coffee makes it easy to order coffee and to have it ready for you to simply brew according to your needs and wants. It's a great brand for those who are needing to stick to a budget, as they're more affordable than most.

Any feedback you give to the company trains the AI in place to help tweak and tailor your subscription. It means that when you receive each subscription, it's only going to get better and better!

10. Unravel Coffee

Unravel Coffee Subscription

Finally, Unravel Coffee is one that you'll love because of its concern for sustainability and for the environment. Their aim is to do more than just make amazing coffee. Instead, they want to do more for the communities and farmers that provide the coffee beans and to ensure that the customer receives an insightful experience on where their coffee has come from.

The goal that this brand has is to provide a shared journey that makes coffee more interesting. They collaborate with a variety of producing partners, giving a variety of coffee blends and origins to choose from.

Each bag of coffee produced is guaranteed to have been done sustainably to help protect the environment. It's a coffee subscription service that you can worry less about causing a significant and negative impact on the environment by focusing on coffee production in a sustainable way.

Bottom Line on Alternatives

Whether you're a regular coffee drinker or a newcomer trying out different brewing methods, part of the journey is trying new options.

So whether or not it's, make sure you give one of these coffee subscription boxes or services a go this year, or at least bookmark the page for reference!

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