Top Bean Box Coffee Alternatives

Coffee is a much-loved beverage that has exploded in popularity over the years as the coffee industry has changed and evolved.

What we once would simply buy in the grocery store has expanded into online shops, coffee subscription box services, and in-store coffee shops. There are more experiences available when it comes to coffee and it's more than just a drink that provides you with energy for the day.

Coffee drinkers are more concerned with the aromas, flavor, and overall experience of the drink.

Bean Box Pros and Cons

With that being said, Bean Box is a great option for those looking for a coffee subscription with great customer service and deep customization options allowing you to select different roast levels, espresso, or decaf blends, just like MistoBox.

However, you may not be interested in receiving beans from Seattle coffee roasters exclusively. And, for the cost per ounce, Bean Box is more expensive than coffee subscription services with comparable coffee.

About the Bean Box Alternatives

We didn't develop a fancy scorecard or summarize a bunch of data points to bring you these suggested alternatives to Bean Box.

We're coffee lovers and we've tried each one personally. You can check out the customer ratings yourselves, but we did our best to call out variances in price point and value, shipping, and any features that might make the option stand out from the pack.

Every coffee drinker has unique tastes - hopefully, these options get you closer to the best option for you!

In no particular order, here are some of the top Bean Box Coffee alternatives.

1. Nomad Coffee Club

Coffee clubs are a great way to feel like you're part of a community and something bigger when it comes to the coffee industry. Nomad Coffee Club has been growing its community and offers the very best when it comes to subscription services for coffee.

Whether you're completely new to the world of coffee or you've been wanting to switch up your coffee choices for something new, Nomad Coffee Club is a great introductory service to start with. Whether you're looking for a monthly plan or one that lasts for three, six, or even twelve months, this service can certainly deliver on that. 

They're a great option if you want some flexibility and you want different beans and roast profiles delivered to your door without any fuss on your part.

There are some great benefits when you choose Nomad, particularly due to their care and attention on ethically sourcing the coffee beans and support communities and coffee farmers around the world.

When you join the club, you get quality roasts that will open your palate up to new experiences and flavors that you perhaps hadn't considered when it comes to your regular cup of brew. Whatever blend or roast you pick, you can choose a subscription of coffee that works best for you and the coffee is roasted to order, meaning no stale beans in sight!

2. Unravel Coffee

Unravel Coffee Subscription

With Unravel Coffee, like many coffee brands that were born online or in this new age of concern for sustainability and the environment, they wanted to do good for the world and the community around them. However, it was important that they also delivered the best coffee possible to their customers.

The goal for Unravel Coffee was to bring a coffee experience that shared the journey from the seed to what you pour into your cup. From their experience of co-producing and importing coffee, the company has explored the world in order to find the best blends and coffee beans that truly transform the customer's experience when it comes to coffee.

They bring communities and people together by collaborating with plenty of producer partners but ensuring sustainability is at the forefront of these collaborations. With Unravel, each bag of coffee is one that represents the journey that's been taken to get the coffee from the trees to your front door and into your favorite coffee cup. It's a very feel-good coffee subscription service.

Unravel Coffee offers a remarkable taste experience that showcases plenty of small-batch specialty coffee flavor profiles. These are from across many of the farm projects in Ethiopia, Colombia, and Ecuador. The company roasts in small-batch coffees to help contribute towards low/zero emissions.

It's easy to subscribe, just pick the type of coffee you want, select size and quantity, and then the frequency of your delivery.

3. Peet's Coffee

Peets Coffee Subscription

Peet's Coffee offers fresh-from-the-roastery coffee that's delivered directly to your door at a schedule that suits you. With some coffee deliveries, especially with subscriptions, they may have a set date that they deliver each week or each month and that doesn't always work for everyone.

With Peet's Coffee, you get access to free shipping with every order you make, up to 10% off on the coffee you choose, and more perks that are only available to those who subscribe. The shipment starts at $16.95 per shipment, which is not so expensive in comparison to a lot of the other companies out there.

You choose a subscription that best suits you, the more you spend, the more you get when it comes to the discount. There are also special offers regularly active and coffee swag in the form of a free pin set if you choose the Curated subscription option.

There are lots of different beans to choose from and many that will provide you with more awareness of what coffee types are available and level up your flavor palate too. All coffee is sealed after roasting so that the coffee stays fresh even if it takes you a while to open it up!

4. Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee Subscription

With Driftaway Coffee, you've got a brand that is inspired by creating craft coffees that are perfect for the customer's tastes and preferences. It's also an experience that they want to fulfill in terms of coffee drinkers who may not have an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

What you get from this company is something that exceeds expectations and it delivers great quality coffee to the customer so that every cup of coffee is excellent. With every detail covered, Driftaway Coffee has some beautiful packaging and branding that you'll recognize as soon as you pick it up.

Interestingly, the design of the bag, in the style of luggage tags, is to signify the journey it's been on. We feel that's a really nice touch that really shows the company's thoughts in providing the best customer experience!

As part of their commitment to customer experience, they also offer virtual tastings, so you can enjoy learning more about the brew as you drink it.

5. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Blue Bottle Coffee is a popular one for its cafe and shop locations. You may have come across one already before as they've expanded to many places across the US and in Asia also.

There's something for everyone with this company but it's one that's a little bit more expensive than other subscription options. 

However, whilst it may have a hefty price tag, the value of the coffee is certainly there. The quality coffee brand offers a standard 12oz bag at $18 and that varies depending on the roast. The coffees are shipped within 48 hours of them being roasted.

There's also a welcome kit available, as well as various options to create a subscription that suits your needs as a coffee drinker.

6. Brothers Coffee

Brothers Coffee Subscription

Brothers Coffee is playing an important part in the solution of helping farmers across the world and communities to benefit from the production of coffee.

Whilst there may be a few options in the grocery store, a lot of them aren't fully maintaining their support to farming communities that grow, harvest, and distribute their coffee across different parts of the world.

With many farmers living in poverty, Brother Coffee is helping make a change. It's a subscription service like it is for many of the coffee providers on this list. They are very much aware of how products have been sourced and so they do so ethically and take on a global responsibility at that.

They don't just select the roasters with fair trade coffee, they go above ad beyond.

They want to bring as much support to local communities where possible. They are one of the only coffee subscriptions that focuses on ethical sourcing and find new roasters every month to keep it fair for everyone. When working with different roasters, they look for a wide variety of things.

This really is a company that cares about who they're working with and how those at the bottom of the supply chain are being treated. Unfortunately, not all of the farmers are treated with the same respect and so it's nice to see someone making a real difference and change to their attitudes when it comes to thinking of the bigger picture.

The reason for it being called Brothers Coffee is because it was created by two brothers Matthew and Bryan Little. Based in Irvine, California, it's certainly one brand you can get behind.

7. Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas Coffee Subscription

Atlas Coffee Club scours the world for the very best in delicious coffee roasters and brands. From single-origin coffee, to specialty grade coffee beans, they're hand-picked to provide the highest quality roast profiles.

The brand is responsible for providing the top 1% of coffee around the world. So when you join up to Atlas Coffee Club, you really are part of an elite coffee club.

This is a great one for coffee drinkers wanting to expand their taste buds, as well as new coffee drinkers that want to explore more than just what's in their local grocery store.

With the beans being roasted to order, you get the best fresh coffee and maximum flavor too. The beans are delivered on schedule and you can skip or change your delivery date at any time to suit you.

8. Cometeer

Cometeer Coffee Subscription

It's a bold claim to make when they said they're the best coffee on the planet. 

Cometeer's hyper-flavorful coffee is made with top-tier beans and sourced from the best roasters in the world. They're flash-frozen to retain their peak flavor and can be melted by you as and when you need to use them.

Simply pop the frozen capsule into the cup and add hot water to release the aromas and tasty coffee.

A flash-frozen process is quite the unique way of keeping the beans fresh but you may find this is a suitable one if you're in a rush or like a coffee that be utilized in many forms:

  • iced coffee
  • hot coffee
  • hot latte
  • iced latte

9. Trade Subscription

Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Subscription often comes out on top as a popular alternative to many of the coffee brands that you'll come across. The coffee sourced by this brand is fresh and sustainable from some of the best roasters in the world.

They're also more affordable than a lot of the grocery store coffee brands you'll come across.

With over 450 curated coffees to choose from and flexible delivery, there really is everything you need when it comes to coffee drinking.

Bottom Line on Bean Box Alternatives

Whether you're a regular coffee drinker or a newcomer trying out different brewing methods, part of the journey is trying new options.

So whether or not its Bean Box, make sure you give one of the coffee subscription boxes or services a go this year or at least bookmark the page for reference!

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