Top Atlas Coffee Alternatives

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

When it comes to coffee subscriptions, Atlas Coffee Club is one that comes out on top as a great provider of all things coffee.

There are many subscriptions and coffee services out there so if you're already a member of Atlas Coffee Club, then it's worth exploring further afield.

Atlas Coffee Subscription Pros and Cons

For some coffee enthusiasts, it may not be enough to have over 450 types of coffee and for others, it may be too much. There may be coffee drinkers that want a more limited or unique selection that they can't find elsewhere.

Regardless, the beauty of coffee today is that it's so widely available and there's so much to explore within the industry.

Atlas provides variety but the lack of control or choice you have won't be the right fit for everyone.

About the Atlas Coffee Subscription Alternatives

We've chosen the below coffee subscription box alternatives because they offer something different from an Atlas Coffee club subscription.

Whether you're a big drinker of coffee or you've just started exploring beyond your grocery-store bag of coffee, having a few subscriptions can be useful to compare. Some of these are more expensive, others are cheaper but all provide great value and quality beans from across the globe.

So with that in mind, we've got a selection of Atlas Coffee alternatives that come out on top for us.

1. Nomad Coffee Club

We're obviously biased, but we think Nomad Coffee Club is one that offers the very best when it comes to subscription services.

We offer a standard monthly plan and longer options available from three, six, and twelve-month subscriptions with discounts based on the length of the subscription. We're a must-try if you've only had one coffee subscription before and you're looking for a new one to try. 

There are many benefits to Nomad Coffee Club. We are ethically sourced and driven by supporting the coffee communities around the world, as well as providing the satisfactory services that many customers will expect from coffee companies such as the ones mentioned on this list.

With the club, you get great quality roasts every time, regardless of how long you're with the subscription service.

We also have a keen eye for quality control and freshness with orders shipped within 48 hours. Whatever coffee blend or roast you pick, it's going to be a good one.

The monthly subscription is one that comes with no-strings-attached and so there's no need to worry about being tied down.

We're also focused on the environment with eco-friendly, plastic-free, compostable material for the packaging delivered right to your door!

With coffee roasted to order, there's really very little not to like about our coffee club.

2. Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Coffee Subscription

With Trade Subscription, it's one that is very popular and tips a lot of the website reviews on coffee in general.

When you want the best of the best, then Trade Coffee is one you should have on your list to try. The biggest benefit with Trade is that you're getting access to so many different coffees that have been curated to provide the highest quality of coffee that's available on the planet.

We're fortunate to have such wonderful coffee available at our fingertips and a lot more so than earlier generations got to experience. Trade Subscription is all about providing that variety and alternatives that you wouldn't typically come across in your local grocery store.

The coffee is sourced by the business directly. It's always fresh and the process of sourcing all the coffee around the world is done sustainably. With Trade, the coffee is also fairly affordable in comparison to other coffee providers. You're getting good value for money when you choose Trade for your coffee subscription box.

With a staggering 450+ coffees to choose from, you'll be hard-pressed not to find something you like. It's a coffee variety that caters to a different flavor profile and roast preference.

Get bags of coffee or just stick to the odd one every month. The subscription is flexible as a monthly club or for the long-term.

3. Angels Cup Coffee Subscription

Angels Cup Coffee Subscription

Angels Cup has been featured in some of the top media platforms such as USA Today and GQ. With such a reputable name, it's no surprise that many coffee drinkers flock to the site in order to get their hands on the very best coffee that they have to offer. Whatever coffee type you're after, Angels Cup has thousands of coffees that they sample in order to find the highest quality coffees that provide the best coffee experience for its customers.

Nowadays, it's not simply about the caffeine hit but more about the aromas and taste that the coffee provides. Angels Cup recognizes that need and it's why they put so much research and thought into what products they consider to be the best for their customers. They provide fresh coffee that's delivered straight to your doorstep and their all-star products are some of the highest-rated coffees, as voted by their existing community. 

When you become a member of the brand, you get access to the app, which can help you capture the tasting notes, comparing your answers with other community members. It's a much more collaborative process and opportunity that you might not otherwise have the opportunity of. You can learn much more about coffee with Angels Cup, rather than just drinking it.

Angels Cup subscription provides variety for every coffee lover and you can tweak the subscription to suit your budget, regardless of how little or how much coffee you drink.

4. Driftaway Coffee Coffee Subscription

Driftaway Coffee Subscription

Driftaway Coffee's intention for the brand was to create beautifully crafted coffee that every customer could enjoy. For those that have a significant interest in coffee already or maybe starting that journey, will find Driftaway a great choice for trying out some new coffees.

The company exceeds expectations by providing the very best in quality coffee, whilst also obsessing over every detail to get that customer experience the best it can be. With beautiful packaging and branding, it's aesthetically pleasing, let alone great for enjoying a cup of coffee or two.

They work with passion and their need for great coffee is apparent by all of the positive feedback and reviews they have online.

The design for their coffee represents that of the journey the coffee has been on. These luggage tag designs are a great way to really appreciate just how far that coffee has come, to end up in your cup. It's an appreciation for the humble coffee bean that perhaps isn't as appreciated as it should be. Choose your preferred roast level and the hours of roasting are delivered as fresh as they can be.

You'll develop some of your favorite coffees by choosing this brand of coffee subscription as an option for regular coffee deliveries.

5. Mistobox Coffee Subscription

Mistobox Coffee Subscription

Mistobox Coffee is one of the smaller providers of coffee but that doesn't mean they don't have a lot to choose from. With over sixty roasters to choose from, they have 600+ coffees that you can pick from when it comes to what coffee you receive. For any newcomer to coffee, that's a lot of coffees and so you may find it more than enough when you're a novice in the coffee world.

Your coffee will be roasted upon order by one of many artisan coffee roasters that are committed to getting the best roast profiles that you're after. The coffee, once roasted is then packed and sent directly to your door, ready to be brewed whenever required.

When you sign up for Mistobox Coffee, you get your own personal coffee curator with who you'll be matched with depending on your preference. This is a coffee expert who has expertise in the types of coffee you like and will send coffees specifically related to your preference.

The roasters responsible for roasting the coffee are part of the country's best award-winning artisan roasters. So you know that your coffee beans are going to be in safe hands, regardless of what you choose.

Some of its featured roasters include Sight Glass, Equator Coffees, and Olympia Coffee to name but a few.

6. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

If you're looking for coffee that is high-quality and a reputable coffee brand across multiple locations and countries, then Blue Bottle Coffee is worth giving it a go. It's one of the more expensive coffee services distributors of coffee brands but that doesn't mean it's not good value for money!

With Blue Bottle Coffee, you can either shop in their in-store locations, scattered across the US and Asia, or you can buy from their shop online, including subscription.

When you choose a subscription, you pick from a range of coffees that have been sourced from across the world. No need to do anything more than select what coffees you prefer and you'll receive them on your doorstep before you know it.

The brand also shares a lot of advice and knowledge when it comes to coffee, so you're bound to learn a thing or two about coffee, beyond just enjoying the beautiful blends and flavors available. All coffee is roasted upon order and will be shipped out within those 48 hours of being roasted.

It means you'll get fresh coffee every time, which is very important when it comes to the taste of coffee in general.

7. Coffee Subscription

Crema Coffee Subscription is one of the many subscriptions services providing the best in coffee brands. They're a coffee marketplace that delivers quality coffee and are a useful one for those who've always wanted to try subscriptions but haven't yet tried them.

They've been in existence since 2015 and they're considered one of the best platforms for coffee. With more than four years of business in the coffee industry, they have several stages to their sign-up process in order to deliver the best service. It's a tailored experience that makes sure you find the right coffee depending on the brewing method and the type of roast you like.

Whether it's a dark roast, medium roast, or a mixture,'s subscription options are very detailed, so you're guaranteed to get the best. ensure that the experience is tailored to the customer, whilst helping support independent farmers who rely on coffee subscription boxes like this one to get the word out on their services. 

8. Joyride Coffee Subscription

Joyride Coffee Subscription

What started as a food truck by founders David, Noah, and Adam in 2009, there's always been a dedication to providing quality.

Joyride Coffee has worked hard to create a more sustainable world with their revolutionary beverage. Since the beginning, they've satisfied the increasing demand for tastier, fresher, and more affordable options when it comes to coffee.

Joyride has developed and perfected its own lines of cold brew coffee, cold brew teas, and seltzer. They also have a broad range of delicious hot coffee lines too. Joyride's broad menu of craft beverages and coffees has made it even more accessible for customers to take advantage of.

The coffees are available in sustainable kegs and back-of-house formats. There's not an at-home service at the moment, but it's coming soon. They've also got an office option that you may want to take advantage of in the workplace.

Bottom Line on Atlas Coffee Alternatives

Whether you're a regular coffee drinker or a newcomer trying out different methods of brewing coffee, part of the journey is trying new options.

So whether or not it's Atlas Coffee Club, make sure you give one of the coffee subscription boxes or services a go this year, or at least bookmark the page for reference!

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